Anders Samuelsen on the way to Russia

How did you learn of Jyllands-Posten, foreign Minister of Denmark Anders Samuelsen (liberal party “Liberal Alliance”) is planning to participate in large-scale Russian conference on the Arctic in late March.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Denmark will visit Russia for the first time since the Crimean crisis in the spring of 2014 has frozen the relations between Moscow and the West.

Cooperation in the Arctic due to strained relations between East and West have suffered less than other political contacts.

And from the point of view of security policy and from the point of view of territorial claims, and from the point of view of Commerce the future of the Arctic raises a number of issues, but the problems in the region are solved in a cooperative atmosphere. It remains positive, despite the build-up of arms in the Baltic sea area and disagreements about Ukraine.

The participation of the Danish Minister will mean a significant step in the warming of the Danish-Russian relations.

Denmark takes part in EU sanctions against Russia, and in the past three years, bilateral relations practically does not develop.

As reported by the organizers before, it is expected that the conference “Arctic — territory of dialogue” which will be held in the city of Arkhangelsk in Northern Russia on 29-30 March, will be attended by President Vladimir Putin.

Last week the Minister of foreign Affairs of Norway Borge Brende also said that planning a trip to the conference where, in particular, to discuss the possibility of commercial development of the Arctic.