Over the weekend in Ukraine, a spike in the price of gasoline

During the 8-11 September the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel (diesel fuel) filling stations in Ukraine increased by 10-50 kopecks./l. reported by the consulting company UPECO.

By higher average prices of gasoline and diesel fuel at Ukrainian filling stations increased to the next level:

  • A-92 – 23,8 UAH/l:
  • A-95 – UAH 24,60/l;
  • A-95 Premium – of 25.81 UAH/l;
  • DT – 21,87 UAH/l;
  • DT Premium 23,51 UAH/liter.

The cost of fuel at the pump operators of premium established at the level of:

  • A-92 – 25,99 UAH/l;
  • A-95 – UAH 26,99/l;
  • A-95 Premium – 27,99 UAH/l;
  • DT – is 23.99 UAH/l;
  • DT Premium is 23.99 UAH/liter.

At the same time, the cost of liquefied gas at retail declined 0.2 of 1.35 kopecks./l. for Example, networks of stations in Kiev, the cost of LPG has decreased by 50 kopecks./l to 15.29 UAH/liter.


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Gas prices continued to decline in the regions. So for a specified period, the regional operators have reduced the price of LPG for 20-55 kopecks./l.

Recall that 80% of oil in Ukraine is imported, because the price of gasoline and diesel fuel are directly dependent on the dollar, which is now the country began to grow.