In Russia it life is good

Svein Grande (Svein Grande) lives in Murmansk 12 years and well it feels. He built himself a house in Norwegian, but in Oslo to tell him communicated infrequently. Three of his sons speak only Russian.

On a plot of 0.2 hectares on the outskirts of Murmansk he and his Russian wife have recently built myself a typical Norwegian house.

“There are no practical problems I have had. Because this area is intended for construction of cottages, some special requirements for the construction were not made. This meant that we could build the way you want”, says Svein Grande.

Norwegian standards

One-storied private house constructed in accordance with the Norwegian standards. Most of the materials for the house were purchased in Murmansk, but something had to buy in Kirkenes. The latter, were focused mainly on insulation materials and Windows.

To Svein it is like they are with family can go to ride scooters, as soon as you get out of the house. There are no restrictions for riding a scooter, and opportunities to pursue a life in the fresh air — mass. Swain believes that in Norway a lot of misconceptions about Russia.

“I think people in Russia care more about each other. I live here and have never experienced any unpleasant moments. And I don’t feel like I was someone anything limits,” says Grande.

The boys speak only in Russian

His sons — Snorre (Snorre), Sondra (Sondre) and Leif (Leif) — all my life I live in Murmansk. Despite the fact that their father is Norwegian, and that they maintain links with relatives in Norway, the boys speak only in Russian. And Svein Grande likes this not.

“My wife speaks Russian and I speak Russian. So at home we sounds Russian. The children go to kindergarten, where all also speak Russian. The eldest went to school, and there, too, all in Russian. Like this.”

“But we dip them to teach them Norwegian. Boys are supposed to speak Norwegian,” says Grande.

Previously, he was a farmer

Before Svein Grande was a farmer, worked on the border with Sweden in the municipality of Verdal (Verdal) in the County of North Trøndelag. Grande participated in the provincial program of cooperation with Belarus, when his eldest son decided to try to take control of the farm themselves. In Minsk Grande learned Russian.

Having mastered the Russian language and having experience in construction of oil platforms, has received an offer to head the office of the Contracting firm Reinertsen in Murmansk. Over the years the resident Trøndelag representation about Russia has changed radically.

“I understand that all prejudices come from people who are here have never been. It’s the same as happens when you first give kids the fish: “We don’t like it”. And if even the neighborhood kids don’t love fish, then is a nightmare. Although the fish product and gourmet, delicious, and healthy,” — says Svein Grande.