Roger Federer won the first match in six months

17-time winner of Grand slam tournaments, the Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, recovered in the first match for six months, defeated Briton Dan Evans Cup of Chapman in Perth (Australia).

In July, the 35-year-old Federer said he will skip the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and the rest of the 2016 season due to rehabilitation after knee surgery. On Monday in the first match after the injury, Federer beat Evans with the score 6:3, 6:4. The crowd gave Federer a standing ovation.

“A standing ovation – it was very special. Can’t be happier zamatyvala ankle, sasorova shoes, returning to court and receiving such support. I got injured and drawing a bath for my children. It’s not quite the way I’d like to leave tennis. It would be nice to win another Grand slam tournament, although I would prefer two, three or four,” Federer was quoted by Reuters.