“Utility innovations” 2017: who and how much the state will give money

In Ukraine for several years, the tariffs for public utilities increased several times, and the number of subsidianes next year, according to estimates of the Cabinet, reaches 9 million households. In this case, the government noted: grant – temporary assistance, but in order to save once and for all, you need to insulate your home, install meters and heating unit. The website “Segodnia” found out what and who the state next year will allocate the money.

“Warm loans”: the money was not enough

The program “warm loans” in Ukraine for several years. Any Ukrainian can buy a non-gas boiler, new Windows, insulation materials for housing and to receive from the state compensation in the amount of from 30 to 70% of funds spent. Money for the purchase of materials issued by the state Bank (“Oschadbank”, “Ukreximbank” or “Ukrgasbank”). As noted in the State Agency of energoeffektivnosti, this program is very popular among Ukrainians. This year alone the government has spent 884 million hryvnia to compensation of loans. However, a large effect is not given – most often Ukrainians buy new Windows (they gave 67% of loans). However, without the installation of an individual heating unit in the house, heat meter, insulation of walls and seams to save energy will not work.

The program became so popular that funding quickly ran out. In June, the lending stopped. Next year on the loans allocated only 400 million hryvnia.

For the duration of the program (2014 to 2016) the government has spent on the reimbursement of loans of 2.7 billion hryvnia. “Program “warm loans” used in the Lviv region – UAH 260 million for the entire period of the program. Kyiv oblast – million, Sumy – 224 million. There are regions that are worse worked: Zaporizhia oblast – 80 million, Kherson – 62 million, Mykolaiv – only 44 million,” – said the head of the Saee Serhiy Savchuk.

The energy efficiency Fund: Parliament has not passed laws

Next year in Ukraine should become the Foundation of energy efficiency (FE), presumably in April. A few months ago Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko noted that to start the Fund this year, it is necessary to adopt three laws: “On housing and communal services”, “energy efficiency of buildings” and “commercial accounting”. However, parliamentarians laws and was not accepted.

In the startup FE are also interested and international partners. The European Union has allocated a Fund of 100 million euros, 25 million in Germany. According to Zubko, “partners are engaged in constant monitoring of the draft law on energy efficiency Fund”.

If the bills still will be next year, along with the energy efficiency Fund of Ukrainians are waiting for other changes: all will be obliged, at its own expense to conduct energy audit, some houses will have to obtain energy performance certificate, those who pay for a communal late, will have to pay a penalty.

Experts believe – without spending energy audit home insulation is impossible. As noted by the project Manager DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun, it can lead to the fact that the money spent will never be repaid, or will have completely redone. “There are cases when high-rise buildings are insulated with a thin foam with infringement of technology of installation, which at the height of the rain and wind off. Or when warmed a few apartments (the so-called “quilted insulation”) rather than, for example, to install in the stairwell, energy-efficient Windows or to install individual heat points, which as an investment will bring much more effect on saving energy and money of tenants”, – says the expert.

One of the authors of the bill Alyona Babak said: the law “On energy efficiency of buildings” – commitment. “The law of obligations. We all need to understand that this law establishes the requirements for each building energy audit and have an energy efficiency certificate under certain circumstances. Moreover, the law obliges homeowners to carry out technical inspection of air conditioning systems and water systems are concerned big power ” – said Alyona Babak.

From the state budget in the PV will direct 800 million hryvnia. The annual market volume of energy efficiency 10 billion hryvnia per year, also, according to experts, large-scale modernization of Ukraine will create 75 thousand jobs – small and medium business should provide Ukrainians with the opportunity to conduct energy audits, develop a project and to warm the house. “It will allow to save life”, – said Gennady Zubko.

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Fund will be managed by a Supervisory Board, composed of international project partners, representatives of international financial institutions and the government. In addition, the Fund will establish a technical office, whose experts will be engaged in the development of model projects for energy efficiency of residential buildings. Those wishing to take the credit for carrying energy efficient measures will be able to contact the technical office of the Fund is to produce a suitable home for their standard solutions, and then to choose the Bank with which they wish to operate, decide on a company provider of services and the results of the implementation of the activities to be audited, who will witness the increase of the energy efficiency class of the house. After that, consumers will be able to receive compensation in the amount of 50% of the loan amount.

Why implement energy efficiency

Of the 18 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which is used for heating houses in Ukraine, 9.5 billion cubic meters of “lost”. So, 12% of heat lost through the roof, 20% ventilation, 33%, 7% – the basement, 23% – Windows and doors, 5% – cold joints (the joints of the walls).

As said Sergei, Swischuk, theoretically, to achieve the maximum energy efficiency class and to minimize heat loss in any house. Sometimes, however, as the expert, it is easier to build a new building.

“To radically change the energy efficiency class and set the old house at once from the lowest F to the highest class is very difficult. It may be easier to build a new house. If we are talking about a residential building, it will be necessary to relocate all its residents and completely change all network engineering. In this case, it is not enough just bringing walling to the standard and regulation of the heating system”, – says Sergey Svistun. So, to convert the building from class C in class a, it is necessary to improve its energy efficiency by ten times.

Start to improve energy efficiency at home is possible with simple steps. For example, to replace light bulbs in the stairwell on the LED, to install meters and regulators of heat supply new energy efficient Windows. The timing of the transition to a new class of energy efficiency depend on the scale of the work. For example, to install a separate heating unit in the basement, insulate the walls, basement and roof – will take up to six months, while you will not need to relocate residents. If the house is so old that requires replacement of all engineering communications wiring, pipe risers and flats, in this case we are talking actually about the reconstruction that can last longer and require partial temporary relocation of tenants, said Sergei Svistun.

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According to the expert, of the 400 houses in which he spent energy, 60% of buildings had energy efficiency class E, 20% – at the class level F. “Are class D, C is already building new and relatively new buildings. Sometimes energy audits are conducted in the new energy-efficient housing to confirm the stated developer energy efficiency class (for new construction, this requirement should be observed), but it is not always confirmed. Class And in Ukraine represent only a few houses, and they are all in private ownership”, – said the auditor.

One of these houses is owned by the singer Ruslana Lyzhychko. “Instead of having to invest in jewelry, I, in addition to music, put in your home. All the most modern technology is used in my house,” says the musician.