TOP of the hopes of Ukraine for 2017: make a Competition, bezviz and new bridge


The first anticipated event 2017 will be the long-awaited launch of the state Bureau of investigation. Our “FBI” should work in February. This month it is planned to complete the competition for the new head of the law enforcement agencies. The launch of the Bureau will select the function of the investigation the Prosecutor General’s office, which then will only be able to represent the state of Ukraine in court.

In March it is also expected and long-awaited point in the ratification by all countries of the Europe Association Agreement with Ukraine. The stumbling block is the Netherlands — they put forward for ratification a number of requirements. After consultations with Ukraine all disputes settled, and the Sejm after March 15 must ratify the Agreement with Ukraine. If the vote is successful the Agreement will work in full force.

Well, in April waiting for the epochal voting for the abolition of the visa regime between Ukraine and the European Union! 3 APR was listed a tentative date for consideration of the bill. Experts predict that a positive decision on bezveze Ukrainians can expect in the first half of the coming year.

March. The Netherlands will ratify the Association agreement.


Year development program and the resumption of serial production of winged machines family calls An 2017, the President of Antonov Oleksandr Kotsyuba. Recently rolled out the first prototype of the multirole An-132 — aircraft-demonstrator of An-132Д. It is planned that in March he will make the first flight. But after the initial phase of testing will be shown to potential customers in Saudi Arabia. In creating the machine was attended by leading companies of the global aviation industry. In parallel, work will continue to improve aircraft An-148, 158, 178.

At the enterprise included in the structure of the state company “Ukroboronprom”, is developing a tactical unmanned aviation complex of Tbpac. It will consist of four UAVs, a ground station for launch and control, tehsredstv security. Major tasks, Tbpac intended for the army of the Mat — all-weather – and opto-electronic aerial reconnaissance; target acquisition and fire adjustment, operational communications intelligence in the conditions of electronic countermeasures of the enemy.


The most significant event for Kyiv in 2017, the year will be held in may the Eurovision song contest-2017. At city hall say that the active preparation will start right after the New year. And although everything will have to do a rush job, with all the problems promise to cope.

Another expected developments in the construction of Podolsky bridge. The municipality is looking for investors to let him move the car and to build a subway line (200 thousand euros for technical and FinExpertiza object already found). However, for full completion you need several billion dollars to resolve the issue of relocation and compensation for residents Rusanovsky gardens.

But the bad news may be the rise in price of journey in public transport. Experts claim that this is inevitable because of the growth in electricity prices. It depends on the fare in the metro (now — 4 UAH), trolley buses, trams, funicular (now — 3 UAH). “The situation is difficult. In the first quarter of the fare in gortransporta just will not increase. The city will have enough resources to subsidize loss-making gortransporta. But in the second half of the year the possibility of raising fares are very high. Will stick to the latter and resources,” — said in the KSCA.

Podolsky bridge. Find funds for technical and FinExpertiza.


From the year of the Rooster Ukrainian audience will find high-quality domestic film product. Pictures of famine, war and the workers, but also a massive cinema and entertainment. And the state of Ukraine is a movie we promise.

“We hope that next year we will show our viewers the first Ukrainian fantasy film fantasy and also a horror film, — said the head of Goskino Philip Ilyenko. — We understand that this movie is the most popular, so need to take this niche. Of course, it’s hard to compete with Hollywood, but even in Europe, a local feature film has a significant share in the box office due to mental intimacy. Because people want to see a movie about himself, to see familiar landscapes, familiar image of the city”.

Right now, with the support of the state starred 40 feature films! One of the reasons for the emergence of a relatively large number of domestic films, the head of the state called permanent and stable financing of the national cinema: “there was decent money. They began to appear transparently and on time, without delay. No delays with payments for the last two years was not. In addition, we began to work powerfully in the field of public relations. I think that if there is the same tendency as in this and next year, we will have a film and even a new Ukrainian film school”.

Ilyenko. Believe in the prospects of the domestic film industry.


Shakhtar is the only Ukrainian football club released in the playoffs of the European Cup, 16 and 23 February will play in the 1/16 final of the LE with the Spanish “Celta”. And before you know it, you’ll get to Stockholm, where on 24 may will be played the final. Bookmakers: the passage Shakhtar “salty” is 1.6 (60%), victory in the Europa League — 15,0 (fourth favourite among 32 participants).

Ex-world champion Vladimir Klitschko stepped into the ring since November of 2015, losing the belt in a battle with Tyson fury. And now, after a year and a half, April 29, on the way 41-year-old heavyweight another Briton, 27-year-old IBF champion Anthony Joshua. In addition to the title, Joshua is at stake belt WBA Super and IBO. Setback for Klitschko, it’s probably the end of his career. The bookies are in it do not believe, in assessing the probability of victory of 34% (ratio of 2.75).

Until may waiting for a breakthrough of the first racket of Ukraine Elina Svitolina in the top 10 in the world rankings. 2016 she finished in a record 14-th position, and in 2017 she tipped a new record. After all, the tournaments first part of the season to improve on last year’s results to score points for tens, Elina need is minimal.

In 2017 the women’s national team on basketball will perform in Europe in June, men — in August-September. In the game the team types we have no medals from the Olympics-2004 — women’s bronze in handball. It’s time to update your collection!