In the US criminals was stolen from a car dealer 40 cars

In TORRANCE, California, criminals in two months drove the car from the same dealer Nissan-Infiniti. As reported by “Motor” with reference to the Daily Breeze, as a result, regular raids on the Parking center was stolen 40 cars.

For a long time at the dealership, where both are located a few hundred machines, simply did not notice the loss. The thefts occurred several times a week. Criminals hacked boxes with keys attached to the car. Typically, these mini safes are hung on door handles or on the side glass (pressed against the window) and open via a set of password or special key.

About these thefts, it became known casually. State police stopped an infiniti, which, as it turned out, was stolen from the Parking lot of the dealer of Nissan-Infiniti in TORRANCE. After that, the center conducted an inventory and not counted 40 cars.

Stolen cars, as noted by the police, was used in different ways: some were used as disposable transport for the Commission of crimes or sold to other offenders for similar purposes. The rest were cannibalized for parts or for a short time was used for personal trips.

Since the beginning of the investigation, law-enforcement officers arrested 15 people and returned it to the dealer 25 stolen vehicles. The robbers acted together or individually — not specified. Injured dealership introduced the practice of weekly inventory. Returned cars in good condition will again be offered for sale.