While there is Putin, there will be war, – Shenderovich

Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped into the foreign policy arena as it is his only chance to be with him was considered abroad, said the Russian writer Victor Shenderovich in an interview to “echo of Moscow”.

“We’re still a rogue state. A country with a stagnating economy. A country at war on foreign soil. With already a huge number of victims. All this happened in 2014. Then it’s details. In the Donbas bloodshed In the Donbass… a little stopped in Syria bloodshed. Putin went on the foreign policy arena. It’s his only chance to make with them was considered abroad. If there were no wars, if he had not been huge military monster with nuclear weapons, then it would be nobody’s talking. Like never talked to Donbass. Well, just a rogue state – and everything,” he said.

According to Shenderovich, Putin made a talk, because he has a “sharp — including nuclear — knife in his hand.”

“Therefore, with him to reckon and talk. A number of tactical victories, one of which can be considered a victory of Donald trump in the election. Muddy water; muddy water has become greater. It’s all tactical wins. Strategically, everything was as it was, I repeat: an outcast among allies list, very sad”, he added.

The writer stressed that he does not believe that trump won due to the fact that it was Putin.

“No, I’m talking about the fact that it can be considered a… this change of scenery can be considered a tactical victory or success, will be more accurate, really — Vladimir Putin. But only tactical. Because after some time, of course, the landscape becomes clearer. And trump is still not Erdogan (Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. – Ed.) and not Putin. Attached to Trump the American system balances, there is (is our group of trained dogs, so to speak, of our Federation Council, our Parliament)… there is a real Congress, a free press, which already carries the person on the table of Mr. trump. And will carry all four years. Therefore, Trump will have to reckon with reality,” he said.

Shenderovich said that after some time in Russia will be “a new bout of anti-Americanism.” “Because someone needs to be constantly guilty. As for the wars, while there is Putin, there will be wars. Because in time of peace no one he could call him” – he said.

We will remind, the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine began in April 2014. Fighting underway between the Armed forces of Ukraine and Pro-Russian rebels who control part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The military conflict in Syria lasts since 2011. The fighting involved government forces, the opposition, radical Islamists, Kurds and other forces. A significant part of Syria is controlled by ISIS militants.

In September 2014 operation start against ISIL coalition led by the United States. In September 2015 to conflict joined Russia. 14 March 2016, the Russian President ordered the withdrawal of most Russian troops from Syria, but Russian aircraft have continued airstrikes on Syria.

29 Dec 2016 Putin announced the reduction of the military presence in Syria.