What is known about closed Obama “dachas” by Russian ambassadors to USA (photos)

Russian diplomatic garden in new York and Maryland shut down by order of Barack Obama on sanctions against Russia for cyber attacks during the presidential elections in the United States. According to the President, Russia has used the systems for reconnaissance and data collection.

Sanctions are also imposed in response to the aggressive prosecution of American officials by Russian authorities, intelligence agencies and police. Obama stressed that hostile acts against diplomats from the United States in recent years has become more than before.

Probably talking about the attack of FSB in civilian clothes on American diplomat in Moscow on June 29. The victim, who received serious injuries, was taken from Russia to provide urgent assistance.

One of the most notorious cases of violence against diplomats in Russia was the arrest of an employee of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for espionage on the night of 14 may 2013. The FSB announced the staffing of an American CIA agent and sent from Russia.

The detainee employee of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Ryan Fogle. Photos of the FSB

Country residence of the Russian Embassy in Washington and permanent mission in new York was used for recreation, festive receptions and cultural events, said the Agency “Interfax” informed source.

In the administration of the President of the United States are unable to provide the NY Times evidence in favor of this version. According to the newspaper, American intelligence agencies have found “little” evidence that both the Embassy garden had indeed played a role in cyber attacks during the presidential elections.

However, estates in the United States decided to close. “Luxury” complexes on the quays near new York and Maryland were used by Russian diplomats last few decades, writes the NY Times.

According to the newspaper, officials there swam in the pool, played soccer and tennis, soared in the baths, held parties and organized meetings of the yacht club. It is noted that now the buildings are empty.

The country of the diplomatic mission in Maryland

Marina from diplomatic testify under MD. AFP photo

The recreation complex for Russian diplomats in Maryland located on the Chesapeake Bay. It is about 100 kilometres drive from Washington. As found by the Daily Mail, the authorities of the Soviet Union acquired the complex in 1972. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Russian Federation has bought the estate for $ 3 million.

“Cottage” includes 12 dwellings and ten cottages, each of which has four apartments. In General, the estate can accommodate 40 families at a time.

After Obama’s statement on the closure of the complexes photographer Gary Landsman went to Maryland and made a report from the Embassy holiday home. In the rooms the journalist saw a lot of gilding, ornaments and paintings. Landsman noted the rich decoration of the house and high ceilings.

The interiors of the residence in Maryland. Photo Daily Mainartery residence in Maryland. Photo Daily Mail

The photographer also drew attention to the large garden in good condition and gazebos.

Gazebo in the mansion of the Russian diplomatic mission in Maryland. photo Daily MailСад on the premises of the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in Maryland. Photo Daily Mail

The inhabitants of the ambassadorial mansions in Maryland annually invite local residents to a party in honor of labor Day, writes the NY Times. According to the publication of Julie Patterson, 12 years living on a horse farm nearby, the rest of the time the Russians kept apart from the neighbors-Americans.

In 2007, Washington Life Magazine published an article about the cottage in Maryland. In the manor lived at the Ambassador of Russia in the USA Yury Ushakov with his family. The official held the post from 1998 to 2008, after which he returned to Russia. He is now the assistant to the President of Russia, supervising questions of foreign policy.

Ushakov told the publication that his family was considered the building a temporary home. The Ambassador admitted that there is a “hunting” a house of entertainment, which was attended by special guests. “No there really was not hunting, but we called this place exactly,” said Svetlana Ushakova, the wife of former Ambassador of Russia in the United States.

Hunting Lodge of the Russian diplomatic mission in Maryland. Photos Washington Life Magazine

Farm with an area of 182 thousand square meters with 1600 years belonged to the UK. In 1702 land was purchased by the Republican Richard Tilghman (Richard Tilghman). In 1925 the farm was sold to the head of the financial Department of the General Motors Corporation John Raskob (John Raskob). The entrepreneur has built the present mansion, which was later restored by the Russian government.

After the death Raskob property with surrounding lands literally wandered from hand to hand until it is in the midst of the Cold war did not become the Soviet Union. The local people reacted suspiciously to the new owners and even the first time feared that the Russian way of its warships.

Rear patio. Photos Washington Life MagazineЛестница in the house. Photos Washington Life Magazine

The residence at the permanent mission of the Russian Federation in new York

Residence near new York. Photos “Glutaronitrile”

An hour drive from Manhattan, is a coastal town Oysterbay. There is placed a residence at the permanent mission of Russia to the UN.

Reporters BuzzFeed News 30 Dec noticed a few cars thrown near the intended manor. They completely blocked the passage. The journalists tried to approach the building closer, but they blocked the way English-speaking woman with an American accent. She introduced herself and asked reporters to leave the “private area”.

According to the publication the man who introduced himself as a foreign diplomat, the land belongs to the Russian Federation. According to him, the American authorities have not so many opportunities to “do something”, and after the inauguration of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump relations between the two countries will be much better.

Information on country of residence posted on the website of the company “Glutaronitrile”, which builds objects in Russia and abroad. The main customers of the construction company— Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, office of the President of Russia and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

The interior of the residence near new York. Photos “Glutaronitrile”the interior of the residence near new York. Photos “Glutaronitrile”

As complex in Maryland, building Oysterbay bought the Soviet authorities after the Second World war. From the outset, the country residence used for accommodation of representatives of permanent missions to the UN.

“Glossaryentry” conducted a complete reconstruction of the building in 1904 and built virtually a new house. The construction companies argue that the building fit into the General architectural style.

On Facebook you can find pictures of this housing complex in Oysterbay, which is also called Zhildom.

In the sauna of the residence. Photo of Dmitry Makurina on his Facebook page

A local resident from the cottage opposite, told BuzzFeed News that before her arrival, two agents of the Federal Bureau of investigation leased floor. The eyewitness is confident that the FBI has been monitoring the inhabitants of the permanent mission from 2003 to 2009-2010.