Scientists have found an effective way to lose weight

The secret to effective weight loss plans are overpriced in terms of relief of excess weight.

This was reported by British scientists from Nottingham University and published his study in The Journal of Human Nutrition.

To such conclusions scientists came after he analyzed the data of about 24 thousands of people who have tried to lose weight within 12 months.

The results showed that those who planned 27% reduction in body weight, lost an average of only 19%. And t, who planned to lose weight by 16-21%, dropping only 14% in excess weight. In most cases, reached its goal only by those who wished to reduce by 10% the body weight.

Scientists explain these results by the fact that the people who set the most ambitious goals are usually not achieved it, but nevertheless lose weight harder others. This allows, according to experts, the use of this technique as a means of struggle against excess weight.