Merkel’s new year address to call on Germans to support the EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in his new year address to the people of the country will be called terrorism a “threat number one” for the country.

“The hardest challenge, no doubt, is Islamist terrorism, which keeps the tension and Germany for many years. In 2016 its manifestations has touched the heart of the country – in Wurzburg, Ansbach, and a few days ago – the Christmas market in Berlin,” — said in the text of the appeal of the Chancellor, which extended its press-service.

According to the head of the government, the German government does everything to provide security for citizens and freedom. “This work will never end, and in this year, the security services will get more support”, — said in the text.

The second topic of the treatment of Merkel will be the future of the European Union and parliamentary democracy. According to her, many in 2016, the feeling that there is no future.

“Yes, Europe is moving slowly. She moves with difficulty, she has to deal with deep wounds, such as the country-participant of EU enterprises… But we Germans must never hesitate and think that a happy future may be in the framework of the national single existence,” — said Merkel.

According to her, despite all the difficulties and challenges in finding common European solutions, we must find him and seek to return to the framework of individual States.

The Chancellor also mentions the upcoming 2017 elections to the Bundestag, the topic of social market economy, the topics of the labour market, digitization and democracy.