Putin and banderlog

Party and Putin — twins.

Who is more mother’s valuable history?

We say Putin we mean — the party

We say party, we mean — Putin!

Dmitry Medvedev directly marked the next important stage for the party “United Russia” in 2018. “The party is the main political resource of the President” — he used the traditional argument. The EP is ready to support Putin if he decides to run. Kremlin analysts believe that United Russia handled the crisis in 2011-2012, and is still important for power tools.


To turn on support of Putin lined up not only the members of the EP, and all single people, consisting of “dear Russians”. “The party (EP) is not the only force that would like to support Putin in the elections, — considers the Deputy of the state Duma Nikolay Gonchar. — He will go on elections as the candidate of the people”.

Meanwhile, a group of U.S. senators, consisting of representatives of the Democratic party and from Republicans this week will make the U.S. Congress a bill that will block President Donald Trump the ability to remove anti-Russian sanctions.

Historical background of sanctions imposed by the US: remember how much did the amendment of Jackson-Vanik amendment of 1974 against the Soviet Union. It was canceled only in 2012. In vain, as it turned out. However, the Soviet Union was long gone, Jews, all who wanted — left, and the amendment was still in force.

Hitler was allowed the Anschluss of Austria and the “annexation” of the Sudetenland, but was not allowed the partition of Poland and the bombing of London. Putin was also allowed aggression against Georgia and Ukraine, and even the Anschluss of Crimea, but not allowed to interfere in the election campaign of the United States, which is equivalent to the Japanese attack on pearl Harbor. Feeling full impunity for their previous acts, Putin has crossed the “red line”, and this time will be punished, and with it all the subordinate Russia.

Anatoly Chubais, who, according to Yeltsin, “blame”, Davos felt the universal “horror of a global political disaster.” What are they drinking there in Davos that inserts?! Is The “Hawthorn”?

Your answer gave Chubais, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the Congress of “United Russia”, said that anti-Russian sanctions will not be repealed soon, and “have nothing to rely on other people’s elections.”

It is also called “parting with illusions”. Medvedev added that we should stop to rely “on the arrival of new leaders foreign”.

“Everything that happened is long”, — concluded the Prime Minister is harsh and stamped her foot.

The world begins to live in the new reality, which, apparently, has no place mindalnaya politicians and political correctness.

Will rule the new world, those who are stronger, or all those for whom it is true — we have yet to see.