What decorations should be festive décor to New 2017 lucky

The year of the Fire Rooster in Oriental calendar will come January 28. But for us it will traditionally start from 31 December to 1 January. Prepare for meeting with the bird in advance — especially since, according to the astrologer Alla Nardid, the decor have to do at least partly with their hands, the cock bird is home and loves handmade. As the owner of the year hails from the village, in the decoration should be read in natural motifs. About the main principles of design of the house we told the designer-decorator Katherine Sanin.

“The General trend is sustainability. It is not only the use of natural materials, but also in the use of natural recycled materials. Wreaths and garlands of dried citrus, spices, skins of oranges. You can make candle holders from bottles, bags from parchment paper, or use for just this decor paper. And wreaths or figures, create a reindeer out of paper” — suggests the expert.

Christmas tree. Santa Claus will replace the figures of animals.


This year a special honor wreaths: large, medium and small, on the door or Christmas table, with a candle in the center or decorated with dried fruit. Because the rooster does not like the artificiality, buy organic (60-100 UAH) or make yourself. The basis of conifer, birch branches, or vine, decorated with cones, nuts, or balls. Mandatory attribute in the year of the Fire Rooster must be the candles — the more, the better. Not necessarily all of them to light but to arrange in different corners of the apartment needed. Because year pet, in the decoration should be figures of animals dear to man. Ideally, the figures of rooster — the master of the year in your home not to feel alone. But it can be figurines of rabbits, dogs, cats or chickens. The exception is the deer, which at this season are very popular among decorators worldwide.

Also in the year of Rooster are a popular decoration from satin ribbons or organza fabrics, reminiscent of the plumage of the cock. And of course the feathers must be present in the decoration of the house. It can be bright decorative feathers large or small, which are used as auxiliary decoration for any Christmas items.

Doing it yourself. Candle holders out of bottles and houses out of cardboard.


Small, barely visible toys will be more “litter” than to decorate the Christmas tree. Especially that rooster prefers more flashy, bright and large. The decoration of the tree will focus on big shiny balls in one or two colors: white, blue, gold. They should be basic features, and as auxiliary use the most natural items. This can be bumps, that is sufficient to render shades of balls, tangerines, chocolates and nuts. Will look good homemade decoration in the form of dried rings of Apple or orange.

Wreath. Based — orange.


A mandatory element of the Christmas decor for the season — flowers. But unnatural flowers in the house better hide! To replace them, buy some branches or dried flowers (25-40 UAH) or chrysanthemums (30-50 UAH). The main flower in the year of the red Rooster the red poinsettias (50-80 UAH). To give the pot a festive look, wrap it in red wrapping (not glossy) paper or wrap with natural twine.

Decorate. The poinsettias on the table!