Nutritionists have uncovered a simple secret to fast weight loss

Dieticians spoke about the secret to quick weight loss. They said that anyone can lose five pounds effortlessly. According to the data obtained, nutritionists recommend that all big lunch, and snacking at the same time every day, roughly three to four hours a day, according to “Orthodox”.

At this time it is better to eat apples, a bit of low fat cheese and almonds. While food should be chewed thoroughly, and then the feeling of fullness will come faster. A snack is needed in order for dinner not to pounce on all the food that’s in the fridge, because, experts say, dinner has to be the most low-calorie and a small amount of meal of the day.

In this table rock salt nutritionists recommend replacing seafood, because the usual stronger water retention in the body. Wheat bread is better not to use it, and instead eat whole grain foods and breads, which are much more nutritious and healthier. They also improve metabolism. Scientists say that if you avoid overeating and replace harmful products with useful counterparts, the extra pounds will go away and sweating in the gym it’s not necessary.