How to maintain productivity in the new year’s eve: 6 simple tips

Before the New year only a few days. In the pre-turmoil may give the impression that these days last forever.

But not all get to relax and just “hang” until the holidays to relax. The end of the year is an important time when you need to pull all the tails and finish all the necessary projects, so the time for laziness just yet.

Specialist at productivity, time management and self-organization Peggy Duncan knows how to do everything, not forcing yourself.

The website “Ideologica” was the TOP expert advice that will help you to be productive at work the holiday season.

1. Invest in the work of the spirit of the holiday

Set yourself some goals you want to achieve by the end of the year, and then divide them into 25 specific objectives, offering professional consultant for self-organization Lisa Zaslow.

“Use the advent calendar to please yourself when you overcome a new stage,” she says.

In addition, just like Santa, make a list and check it twice, says Saslow.

For example, pre-plan your holiday cooking to fully concentrate on work after that.

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“If you are going to search the Internet for gift ideas, trying to finish the annual report, you will not succeed in either task,” she says.

2. Define the settings for the holidays

Decide in advance how you want to spend the holidays, says Peter Bregman, author of “Four seconds: the time needed to replace counterproductive habits to those that really work”.

“You want to spend time with family without distractions? You want to spend just 30 minutes a day to check email and don’t think about work the rest of the time?” — he asks. Decide what you want and formulate their intentions. Then work on terms that will help you to implement his plan.

“If you want to spend time with family, leave your computer and phone. If this is not possible, unplug the phone, e-mail,” says Bregman.

3. Decide what you want to do

Just say “no” to things you don’t want to do, says Carson Tate, author of “Work simply”. For example, no holiday parties to new year’s week, no newsletters in the style of “that’s the end of the year,” no Santa Claus in the office.

“Who says you have to do everything?, she asks. — You don’t have to. Drop the guilt, when you say “no”. Every time you say something is “Yes”, you say “no” to something else.” Instead, say Yes to things that bring you joy, and not those who suck your energy and turn you into a Scrooge, says Tate.

4. Maintain a reasonable pace

Do not succumb to the frantic pace just because it’s the holidays, says Andrew Mellen, author of “bring order to your life.”

“I keep enough focus to maintain my usual pace of work no matter what was happening around me,’ he says. — It allows me to do the work and enjoy your vacation, instead of having to rush somewhere day and night”.

5. Use the time rationally

When many people go on vacation, you become much less appointments. Use this time to those cases which are constantly not reached. For example, place the order on the table, plan to celebrate the new year, advises Lorie Marrero, author of “Diet confusion”.

“Together with the leadership to arrange the office work day, with mandatory participation for all — offers it. — Wear jeans, order a pizza, prepare additional shredders and bins and — forward”.

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Also this time can be used to learn something new that will help you succeed at work, adds Duncan.

“For example, you can learn more about the software you use every day, she says. — Then in the new year you will be able to work more efficiently.”

6. Use the holiday parties as incentives

Holiday party is not always a hindrance to the work. On the contrary, they can be an excellent generator performance if you use them as incentives, says Elizabeth grace Saunders, author of the book “Three secrets to effective time investment”.

“Set yourself certain goals, for example, “as soon As I finish a presentation I can go to the party,” she says. — The desire to get to the event as soon as possible will help you stay focused and finish the job quickly.”

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