Norwegian expert on Russian doping: “I Think they can be forced to admit more”

Anggard Lereim (Inggard Lereim) is not convinced that the Russian security services engaged in the fight against doping, tell the truth.

The New York Times wrote Tuesday that the acting head of the Russian anti-doping Agency acknowledged that in Russia there were cases of the systematic use of doping. However, she said that the representatives of the country’s leadership had nothing to do with it.

NB: on Wednesday Morning the Russian military involved in the fight against doping, delivered a statement in which they stressed that they did not recognize that the Russian athletes had systematically used performance-enhancing drugs, according to the Norwegian news Agency NTB.

News Agency DPA reports that the Russian anti-doping Agency (Rusada) believes that interim its Director Anna Antselevich misquoted in The New York Times, and that a statement taken out of context.

Russian recognition came almost three weeks after the publication of the final version of the report of McLaren. The report described new details of the massive use of doping in Russian sport in 2011-2015.

The report concluded that more than a thousand Russian athletes, representing more than 30 different sports, participated in programs of the systematic use of doping. Among them were many of the owners of medals of Olympic games in London and Sochi. It was confirmed that three of them — Alexander Legkov, Evgeny Belov and Julia Ivanova. According to the French website Maxim Vylegzhanin, Alexey Petukhov and Evgenia Shapovalova — three more. The Vylegzhanin, Belov and Legkov prohibited from racing the Tour de Ski this season.

According to Reuters, Russian authorities are now going to verify the accuracy of the statements of the chief of the Russian anti-doping services to check how true it quoted.

Expert on doping surprised

The Russian anti-doping services for the first time acknowledged that athletes in the country systematically applied drugs. Norwegian expert on doping, Anggard Lereim (Inggard Lereim) very surprised by the confession made by Russian.

“I’m amazed, and this, to some extent, a positive sign. One can wonder why they admitted it. Many organizers of sporting events have left Russia, many do not want to spend anything,” said Laram in conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper Adresseavisen.

He believes that if you deny the Russian in conducting big sport events, this will be an effective way to stop fraud.

“Sanctions against individual athletes will be accepted as usual in accordance with the rules, but if you deny the Russian in the championship, it will be very painful for them,” he says.

“This does not fit well with what has been discovered”

He worked several times with McLaren in cases of doping and absolutely convinced that everything that is revealed in the report is true. The authors of the report do not doubt that it was the leadership of the country is a political case. Agents of the Russian intelligence allegedly tampered with during the Olympic games in Sochi urine samples from laboratories, but the head of the Russian service of the fight against doping does not recognize that doping was headed at the Central level.

“Much of what she said confirms what is already proven. She said that the representatives of the country’s leadership had nothing to do with it, but it does not fit well with the facts stated in the report of the McLaren. I’m not for a moment doubt the McLaren, so that is something that she says is probably debatable. It’s amazing that she claims that it is not channeled politically, when we see the evidence introduced in this year”, — said Laram.

“And could lead to more recognition”

Lereim thinks that the Russians understand that the emerging evidence is so comprehensive that it makes no sense to continue to deny it. He believes that in the future could lead to more recognition.

“This can happen if they feel compelled to do it. The fact that there is so much documentary evidence that can happen is that they will be forced to take several positions on the scale of a confession,” says Leram.

Halvor Haugland Byfuglien (Halvor Haugland Byfuglien), a spokesman of the Norwegian anti-doping Agency, believes it is positive that Russia recognizes the facts of doping.

“I hope that recognition is the beginning that they are spread out on the table. He delivered the statement says little about how it all happened. I think they were under enormous pressure, but I don’t want to speculate on about whether this affects the appearance of the confessions,” said Byfuglien in an interview with the newspaper Adresseavisen.