The Russian military visited the air force base in Peru

The delegation of the Russian military, headed by a Senior group of Russian military specialists in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Peru major-General Andrey Starkov visited the 6th air group Peruvian air force, stationed in Chiclayo (Chiclayo), in the North of the country.

During the visit, the Russian military learned about the process of combat training of Peruvian pilots, and the maintenance of a modernized multifunctional fighter generation “4+” MiG-29.

“We had the opportunity to visit the air base and get to know, how is preflight preparation of complex aircraft. I would like to note the high professionalism of the Peruvian military,” — said the publication of the head of the Russian delegation Andrey Starkov. The Russian military was accompanied by the Colonel of the Peruvian air force Juan Manuel Saenz Donaire (Sáenz Juan Manuel Donayre). He repeatedly visited Russia, where he trained in Russian military educational centers and has the title of master of aerobatics.

Russian military delegation was familiarized with the simulator, intended for training of flight personnel for performing tasks associated with piloting and combat use of the MiG-29 aircraft in conditions close to real.

It should be noted that the 6th air group Peruvian air force is an elite unit, and its pilots are in constant readiness at the forefront of the defence of the country.

The maximum speed of the MiG-29 SMP 2400 km/h. the Armament of the fighter includes a single-barreled cannon and guided missiles, equipped with 2 turbojet engines RD-33.

In August 2012 Russian aircraft Corporation “MiG” gave eight upgraded MiG-29 air force Peru. The contract value amounted to more than $ 10 million.

The air force of Peru has 19 MiG-29 fighters, two of them double.