Assange 1000% sure that Russia does not break the system NCDP

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (Julian Assange) said that Russia was not involved in the e-mail hacking members of the national Democratic Committee (DNC) and the head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, John Podestà (John Podesta).

In an interview with Fox News, which will show on Tuesday, January 3, Assange told Sean Hannity (Sean Hannity) that Russia is not the source of cyber attacks. This statement contradicts the conclusions of the intelligence community that the Russian government deliberately intervened in the course of the presidential elections in the United States.

On the question of whether he can give the American people the “1000 percent” guarantee that the published letter was handed to WikiLeaks by Russia, Assange replied in the affirmative.

“We can say we said it several times over the past two months — that our source was not the Russian government and no state,” he said.

Thursday, December 29, President Obama announced the expansion of sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the United States in response to alleged hacking attacks.

During his interviews, Assange also noted that, in his opinion, the Obama administration is trying to deprive the legality of the election of Donald trump.

“They’re trying to delegitimate trump administration, which is soon going to enter the White house, he said. They are trying to say that President — elect trump’s illegitimate President”.