Trump staged a large-scale “cleansing” of the diplomatic corps – NYT

According to the decree of the transition team of the elected American President Donald trump, all U.S. ambassadors appointed by the Obama administration must leave their posts for the day of the inauguration, writes the New York Times, citing sources.

According to diplomats familiar with the text of the decree, the document does not allow for exceptions.
Earlier, on coming into office the presidents allowed certain ambassadors, particularly those who had children of school age, to remain at their posts for an additional few weeks or months.

“Political” ambassadors, many of which are nominated due to relations with the President, almost always leaving their posts at the end of the presidential term; the ambassadors who are serving diplomats often stay at their posts, the newspaper notes.

As reported, the inauguration of U.S. President Donald trump will start on January 19 and will last three days.