Poroshenko explained to the Brits, why do we need sanctions against Russia

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has urged Britons to support sanctions against Russia, which are needed in order to came to the dialogue. He said this during a speech at the Royal Institute of international Affairs Chatham House in London, reports 112.ua.

The President has urged not to believe anyone who says that anti-Russian sanctions are not needed.

“In order that we could move on our path of improvement, sanctions should remain against Russia. Do not believe anyone who says that sanctions are not needed. This is the only mechanism to keep Russia at the negotiating table”, – said Poroshenko.

The President also reminded the British that Ukraine manages to successfully resist the Russian aggression without providing weapons to the West.

“We are fighting for our territorial integrity by themselves, even with our own weapons. For three years we have not received any weapons, but we had a fantastic training with British, canadian, American, European soldiers. It was a unique experience exchange”, – said the President.

According to Poroshenko, if not sanctions, the Russian tanks were much further in Europe.

“Putin has stopped its advance due to sanctions and anti-Ukrainians”, – he added.

As reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing the Russians, who fell under the sanctions, not to report the income and pay taxes in Russia on special occasions.