A new centre of tension between the United States and Russia: the Black sea

The words of the commander of the Sixth fleet, Admiral James Foggo (James Foggo) that American warships can stay in the Black sea for another four months, had resonance in Russia. Moscow protested the U.S. approach.


After the crisis in relations between Russia and the United States on the soil of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea by Russia, the Black sea has become a new arena of tension for Russia and NATO.


2014-present Russia deployed in the region, attack aircraft, additional military ships, new missile system, s-400 missiles with a range of up to 400 kilometers. In response, the United States has increased the number of American troops at the air base “Mihail Kogalniceanu” near Constanta port on the black sea coast of Romania.


The United States, despite protests of Russia has activated a missile shield in Romania. It was reported that the United States has spent $ 800 million for the modernization of radar systems and interceptor missiles SM-2. It was recently announced that the United States will undertake the biggest in the last 20 years the transfer of military reinforcements to the Eastern borders of NATO.


Along with the military logistics, it is expected that in February in Poland, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany will deploy four thousand us troops. NATO in these circumstances, will host four international battalion in Poland and the Baltic States.


But the corresponding decision is still pending. This topic will be discussed at the meeting of defence Ministers of NATO countries on 15-16 February.


What policies in the Black sea will conduct Turkey, when the US and Russia tension builds up to such an extent?


The new regional initiative


According to information received from senior diplomatic sources, Turkey is concerned about the growing confrontation between NATO and Russia in the Black sea.


Turkey, on the one hand, as a strong member of NATO, on the other hand, build new strong relations with Russia, believes that this tension will increase security risks. In this regard, on the agenda of Turkey — the beginning of new initiatives in the region together with the black sea countries.


This initiative involves the coordination of efforts with regional countries, especially Romania and Bulgaria, and integrated cooperation to prevent the growing tension. But Russia will not be drawn from this initiative. Russia will be able to join.


Sources NATO: Russia’s presence increased four to five times


NATO, in turn, prepared a roadmap to strengthen deterrence in the Black sea. According to sources, NATO, the Ukrainian crisis and the annexation of Crimea by Russia was regarded as a signal of the beginning of a new period in the region.


Noting that Russia’s presence in the Black sea increased four or five times, NATO sources said: this can not remain without answer.


The steps to be done to contain

NATO sources have expressed the need to strengthen deterrence against Russia. It was noted that NATO will increase its presence in the Black sea through increased frequency of visits to the ports of the black sea countries, enhancing joint military exercises.


The question of the Montreux Convention


Turkey does not want any actions in circumvention of the Montreux Convention, which for a long time regularly used. Whatever the tensions, the implementation of the Convention will be the first priority.


The sources pointed out that by providing deterrence, on the one hand, NATO at the same time will not give rise to even more tension with Russia in the Black sea.


Purpose of Turkey, as Chairman of BSEC


From January 1, Turkey — Chairman of the organization of black sea economic cooperation (BSEC) for a period of six months. Turkey announced that at this time in BSEC efforts will be made towards reform and a more efficient, productive, result-oriented work of the organization.


Sources said that in order to avoid tensions in the Black sea on the agenda of Turkey is the adoption of initiatives in the framework of the BSEC.