In just a few minutes: how a client of PrivatBank lost more than UAH 50 thousand

In just a few minutes: how a PrivatBank client lost more than UAH 50 thousand A PrivatBank client told how, due to problems with the terminal, he lost as much as UAH 51.8 thousand PrivatBank terminal“ took away ”50 thousand UAH from the client /Photo: collage: UNIAN/Today

PrivatBank client said that the terminal took the money he wanted to put on the card , but they never got credited.

The man wrote a review about this on a special website of the Ministry of Finance.

An outraged user writes that on November 1, in the PrivatBank terminal, he replenished his card with more than UAH 51,800, but at the very moment there was a failure in the system.

“During the replenishment, a failure occurred, and the terminal withdrew the amount of UAH 51 800, the funds were not credited to the card. I ask the responsible people to respond, sort out this issue and transfer funds as soon as possible, due to my current life situation, time plays a very important role! “, – the client writes.

What was answered in PrivatBank

PrivatBank employees left their answer under the review and promised to investigate this issue.

In order to find out, whether the described funds have arrived at the terminal, the bank will collect the terminal.

“Conducting and reconciling the results of collection when processing an application for a refund will allow us to make sure that the funds were not issued and determine their amount”, – written by the support service.

How banks will work in the red zone

PrivatBank and Oschadbank employees in an exclusive comment “Today” said that financial institutions are on the list of exceptions.

< p> And this means that for visiting the department does not need a PCR test or a vaccination certificate, but you should not forget about masks and distance – these rules remain in force.

“Today” they also wrote that PrivatBank is launching a new money transfer service , which will help Ukrainian migrant workers.



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