What things to delete to not to complicate my life

Life is hard enough, why complicate it further? However, our attitude to some things not only helps to cope with certain problems, but, on the contrary, makes us deeply unhappy.

All of us at some point, somehow have to deal with situations that seem to test the “strength” of our mental and physical abilities, writes steptohealth.ru.

We always want something good, better, and life throws us challenges (one by one) so that we become stronger and more Mature.

Sometimes, however, we see difficulties where they do not exist, we draw in the imagination of non-existent obstacles that can prevent us to achieve this.

The problem is that we do not always realize this, allowing different situations to take the part of the energy and not noticing the damage caused to us.

For this reason, it is important to know what factors depends on our attitude to life and various situations to understand at what point it is better to abandon them. Otherwise, they will not allow us to move forward.

And today we want to tell you about 8 things that unnecessarily make your life more complicated than it is.

1. To see the bad intentions of others where there are none

Sometimes our friends or people from their close environment commit acts that offend or even hurt us.

They can spend time with other people without you or the just you, alone with yourself, can take some decisions without taking you into account, and it can make you feel that they had any evil intentions.

But why it is necessary to see things in such a negative light?

A man who is happy will not even pay attention to it and especially do not perceive as a personal insult, he knows that everyone needs to have their own space.

2. To make comparisons

To compare yourself to others or envy their success is, without a doubt, one of the worst habits for our emotional health.

If you look around and just think about the fact that the others live better, it will cause you to have only negative feelings, and as a result you will lose precious time and the ability to truly enjoy something.

3. Unwillingness to look further

All previous experience, no matter how bad it may seem to you, always brings something positive into your life.

In life, there would still be some obstacles and mistakes that we make, but that does not mean that everything goes wrong.

Adjust the angle, find the strength and ability to look beyond, looking ahead. This ability will allow you to overcome your difficulties, and often make better decisions.

If you have a positive attitude to everything and learn to accept your mistakes, to see the simple in the complex things, it will greatly ease the burden that you “carry” yourself and complicate your life.

4. Wait for “signal”

As much as you might wish, you will never get a “signal” or “sign” that this is finally the time for decision-making.

In some situations you can get intuition or a premonition, but always wait for a better time — it means you wasting your precious time.

Any opportunity you have to try to use, and even better to look for them and fight for the realization of desires. Don’t wait for inspiration to act and to truly live.

5. Not to risk

Fears and “comfort zone” is the worst enemies of those who want to make to dramatically change your life.

If we don’t take risks and let their fears immobilize themselves literally, if we fear the consequences of their actions, we will always stagnate in one place.

So instead to wait for something that might make you a little more confident, take the challenge, take a risk and never regret their actions, because the experience is priceless.

6. To have unrealistic dreams and expectations

Wait for some response, relationship or situation which is not necessarily to happen, come what may, this is one of the most common mistakes that we make. This is our greatest error.

Unrealistic expectations lead to disappointment, but because only make us more unhappy.

Of course, wonderful if dreams come true, but it is better to know the measure in everything and not hope for a miracle, so you do not suffer from deep frustration.

7. Let other people steal our time

Toxic people will always find a way to steal from us our precious time, and, if possible, and positive energy.

Such people spoil our perfect views (about anything), doing everything possible to make our dreams and wishes did not come true, but because they are really a burden for us.

Selfishness, negativity, and envy, often disguised as “friendly attitude”. Although it is sometimes very difficult to recognize and accept that, as a result, we experienced numerous difficulties and inconveniences.

8. Wanting to be liked

Even if we have the best of intentions, we are not always going to like all the people around us.

The desire to please everyone — it is improper installation, so your strength (physical and moral) will be depleted quickly. Especially if there are obvious differences between people.

It is best to learn to be tolerant to other people and still try to move away from those who for some reason feels to us negative feelings.

Are you ready to get rid of in your life? Try to do it as early as possible, and you will understand how it became easier to move on.