Nikkei Asian Review (Japan): Duterte first went to China for vaccine Covid-19, but then accepted the Russian proposal

Manila – the Philippines will adopt the proposal developed in Russia vaccine against coronavirus, when they secured its delivery, the President said Rodrigo duterte the Monday after discussing a similar deal with China.

The Philippine leader has even offered himself as a test subject for testing of the developed in Russia vaccine.

“I’m ready to do it publicly, said Duterte. I would be the first on whom will be conducted this experiment”.

Russia plans on Wednesday to approve the vaccine for coronavirus. However, its clinical trials had not been completed and therefore, the Western States raises questions about its security.

However, Duterte expressed gratitude on Monday about the fact that Russia is ready to share this vaccine with the Philippines.

“I am very happy, because Russia is our friend, he said. — They said they will give us the vaccine”. Duterte personally thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Igor Hove, Russian Ambassador to the Philippines, told journalists on Friday that Moscow has developed “safe and effective” vaccine, the supply of which can be made in the near future. This is located in the South-East Asian country is also a candidate to become the production platform for the vaccine, said Hove.

After the approval of this vaccine, and its mass production will begin in September, and free vaccination no later than October will be provided for the health workers and representatives of other risk groups.

Duterte expressed the hope that Russia will provide free vaccine against coronavirus, unlike the United States, who expect to receive compensation. However, Moscow has indicated its willingness free to supply this drug.

The Philippines was 136638 cases of infection with coronavirus, while the number of new infected on Monday amounted to 6958. In this country, has been re-introduced strict restrictions on travel and other activities both in Manila and in other places.

China represents the second option in the field of vaccine diplomacy Duterte. At the end of July, in his address to the nation, Duterte announced that he had asked Chinese President XI Jinping that the Philippines became the first recipient of the Chinese vaccine. Beijing responded that this request will receive the highest priority.

While Duterte already known that it is sometimes making friendly statements about China and Russia, his attempts to win the coronavirus, it seems, will add relevance to this approach.