In India earthquake

In the North-East India an earthquake of magnitude of 5.7. It started at the border with Bangladesh at 14:39 local time.

The quake damaged hundreds of buildings and caused multiple landslides in the region, said the official representative of the Centre for combating consequences of natural disasters of Tripura, reports TASS.

National center for seismology reported that the earthquake epicenter was in the district Dhalai of Tripura at a depth of 28 kilometers.

The tremors were felt throughout the North-East India and in the border areas of Bangladesh. Partial damage, the collapse of the walls and large cracks appeared in hundreds of homes in the state.

It is reported that after the underground shock people in a panic ran out of their homes and offices. In several areas there were landslides. Information about casualties has yet been received. Currently, local authorities assess the widespread destruction.

One of the six most earthquake-prone belt in the world runs through the mountainous North-East India. It was there earlier mentioned a few of the strongest aftershocks.

For example, on 12 June, 1897, there had been an 8.2 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in the state of Meghalaya. At this time Shillingstone plateau in just three seconds are up almost 15 meters. The acceleration exceeds the force of gravity — large stones, plates, people were thrown in the air.

The center was located at a depth of about 30 kilometers. The epicentral region is shaped like a triangle with a base of 250 kilometers. Within it there is not a single building. Killed more than 1.5 thousand people.

Quake the greatest power occurred on 15 August 1950 in the same region in the state of Assam. This is one of the few earthquakes, which on the basis of instrumental measurements assigned magnitude of 8.7.

Flying over the area of destruction pilots reported large terrain changes, mainly caused by giant landslides. About 2 thousand people were victims of the disaster.