Guancha (China): the first Russian vaccine against coronavirus successfully registered. Putin’s daughter already vaccinated

As reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the country’s first vaccine against new coronavirus infection.

Putin said: “We have finished registering the world’s first vaccine. I hope that our foreign friends will also be able to move into the relevant work in the market of drugs and vaccines will be enough products available.” He also expressed hope that the new coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible put into mass production.

In addition, Putin said that one of his daughters vaccinated against coronavirus infection.

According to TASS, 11 August, Putin said at a government meeting that day that his daughter, after vaccination there was a reaction of the body, and now she has a high level of antibodies. “One of my daughters vaccinated. In this sense it is in some degree participated in the experiment. After the first vaccination she had fever up to 38 degrees, and the next day body temperature was just 37 degrees,” — said Putin.

He also added that after the second vaccination the body temperature of his daughter also rose slightly, but then everything returned to normal: “Feeling good, the level of antibodies is high.”

The Minister of health of Russia Mikhail Murashko announced that the country’s first new vaccine against the coronavirus will be made on two platforms, including the center of Gamaliel. He also said that this vaccine showed high efficacy and safety.

Murashko added that the new vaccine against coronavirus infection will continue to pass through clinical trials involving thousands of people.

Comments Chinese readers:

guan_15847185581327: As our neighbor, Russia has done an excellent epidemiological work which is useful to us. However, to do so is a pretty big risk.

HG edition cherry in response guan_15847185581327: “Warlike people” inherit technique of the past: when faced with problems, first act recklessly, and then carefully.

Ambitions in response guan_15847185581327: Without risk, nothing happens. In Russia now the number of infected still can not take control, but soon fall, when starting a flu epidemic, then the pressure on health workers is too large.

guan_15713108701865 in response guan_15847185581327: They are really brave. Twice clinically tested and have already decided to use. Prior to that, the news said that in October will begin a mass vaccination of the population, and it seems that it actually might happen. I hope that they will be able to control the risks, and it’s not going to be a bad decision.

Hide your talent in the crowd in response guan_15847185581327: what’s the risk? Don’t forget, back in early February, Russian specialists to the epidemic, and was invited to Wuhan, they had information about the virus first hand, so this rapid development of a vaccine is not strange, who knows what else the Russians have cooperated with China.

shcui87: Russian are Russian, eh.

And er: Russian “worked with full dedication”, and it can be understood.

Space rookie, which is nothing to do with the Russians and really strong heads, will carry out phase three clinical trials on people?..

Maximum boring: Already passed the first and second phase testing, may not be toxicity and other side effects. The worst that can be, the vaccine will be ineffective. But let’s say the efficiency is only 30%, but it’s still better than nothing. Besides, who knows, maybe the efficiency is already very high.

At the crossing there are no people, and the boat should cross in response to the Maximum boring: Only June 18, was begun the first phase of testing, as you say, the first or second phase, so more and side effects should not be…

guan_mecho: has Anyone tried to understand how it happened that Russians were so quick?

General La Dao in response guan_mecho: They have passed the second stage but did not do the third phase and decided to directly administer the vaccine to the population…

Normal: Chen Wei received the honorary title of national hero of China for the development of inactivated vaccines against coronavirus! So we are also doing well!

guan_15969414752530: Silently did a great job.

Winchester: after the third phase of clinical trials, and have registered the vaccine after the second phase. Russia, as always very energetic, always has to take first place in the world.

jervisyang in response to Winchester: Russia is in the North, and here we are conditioned from the heat. In Moscow, only 10-20 degrees, if the virus does return, then they obviously don’t cope with the second wave.

Not withstand the Typhoon: a Vaccine in China is the third phase of clinical trials that requires tens of thousands of volunteers. Since the quality of the vaccine can be tested only in countries or regions where the epidemic is more serious, the third phase is carried out abroad. I think it will be released soon! After completion of the third phase and scientific studies that prove the vaccine is effective, it can be registered. After registration, it becomes clear that the vaccine meets the requirements and can be released into the market. Was it declared a scientific opinion on the Russian vaccine? This is a serious question!

Thats my God: Pompeo then said that the technology stolen from the United States.

The old man Cai in the neighborhood: Russian really energetic, fully demonstrated its national character, haha.

hu_goat: Too short, they have the third phase of clinical trials!

A lonely rook on snow sunset: All for science!

At the crossing there are no people, and the boat is wide: the Russian vaccine is just starting clinical trials on 18 June, and now it is registered for direct use. Hmm! It is doubtful whether it was tested on animals! It’s like the situation with certain countries and peoples. Like the most famous in the world “super-duper-supersonic missile”. Russian is now a lot of talk, no wonder that they so well understand Americans!

The Eastern sea: Russian, doing business, never vain don’t talk.

guolaikankan: they didn’t Have such good control and prevention, and the epidemic situation just somehow stabilized.

In the heart only bed: Boldly, Russia, safely!

kpzxy: Remember the news mentioned about the Russian vaccine, they spent only two phases of the experiments and did the third? China, Britain and the United States relatively quickly started to phase three clinical trials. I feel that Russia acted a little irresponsible, conceding the third phase.

Chatter is doomed to death: Russian bears are still very persistent!

Long sleep: it is Suitable production capacity for this vaccine?

guan_15918922011618: Congratulations, Russia!

guan_15749610102104: Putin is still very cool… So fast! I hope that the vaccines are not too many side effects. The sooner Russia will recover, the better… What a blow to the States.

guan_15755335221376: If the vaccine is really reliable, it’s great news. Just afraid that there will be many problems.

Chi Tea: Support of our loyal ally of Putin the Great! China, too, need to try!

The hermit hall of Zhu Wei: This vaccine with the Russian pace of development is simple — quick to make, prepare and allow the use.

To go against the wind: the Russians really brave and resolute.

Don’t forget about the original goal: the Russians are inflexible. According to experts, just finished the second phase of testing, and has already registered the vaccine and started using.

Passionate dance of the wind and of the night: Russian and really tough guys.

foxbadc95b08: Maybe it’s true, that’s really bears…

guan_15844140031260: a Vaccine in China clinically tested, why is it not widespread? What are we waiting for? Russian medicine was the first that began to be used in clinical practice?

guan_15718339362430: First, carefully start to use this vaccine. Talk when we know, died from her people or not!

The soldier has a good heart: Russia has been at the forefront of the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus, so now you need to be careful: if all will be safe in the future, it is a great joy for all mankind! By that time, of course, and you can start to cooperation!