Jornal de Notícias (Portugal): a magic wand of Vladimir Putin

Announcing the invention of every drug and registered it without conducting all phases of testing, Vladimir Putin raised the self-esteem of Mother Russia in the game of geopolitical chess. However, the advent of medicines has provoked debates about the danger of haste, because it violates current scientific work of a number of countries and companies. In addition, particularly high risk to undermine public confidence in the effectiveness of potential vaccines.

Russia, USA and China quickly realized the importance of winning this race, which, in fact, has always been a competition for global supremacy and innumerable financial income. Russia may have tripped their opponents right before crossing the final line, not paying attention to basic principles of ethics and overall academic commitment. She planned this from the start, abandoning the so-called third phase of research, where the vaccine is tested on a wide range of volunteers exposed to the disease, to ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Despite the claims of Putin, that miracle cure has been tried for one of his daughters, that two dozen countries have already applied to buy, and that the vaccine will be available later in January, the doubts of the international community is clear. Currently, more than hundreds of vaccines are in development, but the confidence that a reliable and effective medicine will appear in the coming months, falls. By chance, some scientists insist on the need to remove the vaccine Fleur panacea. There is a danger that the results of the first work can be low, as happened with HIV.

On the other hand, Putin’s magic wand could trigger other problems. It can create a false sense of security, to make the vigilance of the population loose, and if the vaccine will be ineffective, the ranks do not believe in science will increase. Russian miracle can, in the end, to turn into a colossal disaster.