El Periódico (Spain): Nicaragua is preparing to produce and export the Russian vaccine from covid-19

The government of Nicaragua has assured that it is able to distribute the vaccine to neighboring Central American countries as soon as it passes all the tests

The government of Nicaragua proposed to extend the Russian vaccine from covid-19 among other countries of Mesoamerica, with the assistance of the Latin American Institute of the biotechnology Mechnikov, located in Managua.

“In our country, Nicaragua, where there is peace and prosperity, we will be able to produce a vaccine. This was stated by Director of the Institute of biotechnology and Stanislav Uyba also. We can use vaccines in our country, to protect the Nicaraguan family, as well as export them to the countries of Central America,” said the wife of President Daniel Ortega (Daniel Ortega) Vice-President, Rosario Murillo (Rosario Murillo).

Progress in the development of the vaccine

August 1, Russia announced the completion of a clinical trial of a vaccine from covid-19 developed by the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named after honoured academician N. F.Gamalei, and the beginning of the registration procedure. Russia managed to beat China, the US and the UK.

The government of Nicaragua, one of the countries of the American continent, support most close relations with Russia, initially relied on a Russian vaccine.

On 4 August, the world health organization (who) reacted to reports of Russian vaccine and encouraged to comply with the requirements during the development, taking into account the time necessary for conducting all tests. Only then the vaccine can be applied everywhere.

The number of infected in Nicaragua

Last Tuesday, August 4, the Ministry of health has provided the following data: 3902 confirmed cases covid-19, 866 patients, 2913 recovered and 123 died. For its part, the Independent civil organization for covid-19, comprising of doctors and volunteers, reported the existence of 9436 suspected cases, 2591 died with symptoms of the disease, including 139 patients with pneumonia.

The government of Nicaragua and Russia had close relationships during both periods when Ortega was President: first, from 1980 to 1990 and then again from 2007 to the present.