The secret unraveled trump

In the entire history of elections in the United States, and, perhaps, other States, I do not recall that the UK so nervously reacted to the result of the election of a new leader of the country. Political elite still can not be reconciled with the idea that won the one London establishment is not taken into account. In London not ready to admit that trump chose the American people. Not Washington, not new York, not the establishment, not the so-called Russian hackers — and the American people. After trump was voted by the people who work, grow corn and extract oil, build houses, treat and teach, and which no matter what about their choice think in the UK…

The recent publication of a weekly newspaper Finacial Times Weekend Magazine (FT weekend), the author of another article on an American topic, the journalist Gillian Tett (Gillian Tett), followed by their colleagues continues to talk about how trump, which here in London, wrote only in an insulting tone, and which no one takes seriously, understood the power of technology and used them to their advantage.

The author writes that through the prism of the events that really stirred the whole world, observed a new trend in the structure of social networks. Gillian Tett recalls that when BIZ stone (Biz Stone), together with colleagues launched a Twitter users were relatively few, and each received the same information. But after a couple of years the situation began to change dramatically. Gillian Tett describes a conversation with Dick Costolo (Dick Costolo), when he was the Executive Director of Twitter, where he admitted that in a short time everything is so accelerated that to keep track of the progress of events was just impossible.

Gillian Tett draws attention to how important it is to present the processes occurring in the space of social networks. So, the author argues, if those who you’re following on Twitter, but rather adhere to the internationalist, liberal views, you might get the impression that the majority of Americans outraged by the recent decree trump on immigration. And this protest was voiced by almost all television channels and media.

Gillian Tett one of the few journalists who drew attention to the fact that if, for example, read tweets subscribers “Breitbart News” (“right” news resource support trump. At the time it was headed by Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon), who is now chief strategist for the White House), it is quite clear that tens of millions of Americans support the Decree trump migrants. This part of the Americans believe the decision of the new President on this issue is quite justified and reasonable. A recent poll conducted by the University Quinnipiac (Quinnipiac University) demonstrate a picture which is quite different from the one that populates the global media.

The data indicate that 48%. Americans “support the ban immigration from terrorist threat regions”, while mind — are 42%. And again a surprise for those who write a completely different script. After all, these figures will likely shock some liberals and cause them outrage. However, supporters of Donald trump rightly sensitive to this kind of reaction of “liberals” who are willing to accept and hear only what fits into their idea of “liberal values”. But the fact remains: it is exactly what he thinks nearly half of Americans. And the most dangerous for opponents of the trump, that the opinion of Americans, on the other side “liberal” community formed in spite of the incredible effort that is invested in the propaganda machine.

The danger is that the opponents trump is still not ready to hear the other part of the nation. Gillian Tett argues in this regard that the main problem of this “deafness” is that the more information we get from social media and read the opinions of their online interlocutors, rather than the traditional “authority figures”; this cyberprince leads to the fact that different groups of people are more likely to hold competing versions of “truth.”

USA is a country where it’s always been different groups and different ideologies, which remained divided due to geographical reasons (described in a new book by Robert Kaplan (Robert Kaplan) “Earning the Rockies”, which helps to understand the decisive role of the landscape). The author of the article in the Financial Times bitterly remarks that the irony of the XXI century is that technology, which, as hoped, BIZ stone, to help people overcome distance and unite, on the contrary, only strengthened the division and disunity.

Gillian Tett wondered what you can and should do to at least not become a victim of all of us covering technology? In her opinion, the time has come to tell the children about what a “cyberghetto” and how to deal with tribalism and treat this task as seriously as network security. The author believes that to take a proactive stance it is time for all to see on the other side of “their” social networking for those who occupy a different position and see what they think. To do so, as did dick Costolo, being led by Twitter, is to replace half of its adherents in those who hold diametrically opposed views. After all, there is always the opportunity to subscribe to @BreitbartNews or @AnnCoulter or even @realDonaldTrump. The conclusion is simple, but very serious: to understand what is happening in the world, it is important to switch to those who think otherwise.

Of course, by itself this step does not put an end to the controversy. However, it may be the first step in establishing a healthy dialogue. Because initially the value of social media lies in the fact that with their help it was possible to discover alternative points of view with ease, which split up in the previous generation could not dream of.

Gillian Tett regrets that the current stage of technology development contributed to the deep fragmentation of society. However, the author is optimistic and believes that the potential and now you can create new links just as planned and hoped, the pioneers of Twitter. Maybe not enough to turn your mind off, including mobile. And this, according to Gillian Tett applies not only to liberals, but also for all.

Model of the behavior of Donald trump in social networks is considered a textbook. Communication with the nation directly, without intermediaries mussel — strong move policy in the specific conditions of political struggle. But it should be able to do.