The U.S. Congress has shown that it can be a counterweight to Trump WP

The U.S. Congress rarely takes the initiative in international politics. But senators from both parties have shown their determination in recent weeks, demonstrating unprecedented independence and a rational, responsible response to confusion that emerged from the activities of the administration of Donald trump. About this in an editorial writes loyal to the Democratic party’s edition of the Washington Post, reports

“The last vote and the hearings became the long awaited proof that Congress can act as a responsible counterweight to the eccentric impulse of the trump,” the article says.

The newspaper reminds that last week the Senate almost unanimously supported the first major foreign policy bill. And it happens very not often. The document toughens sanctions against Iran and Russia.

“The bill, which was supported by both parties, denies trump’s possible to remove Sanzio with Russia without congressional approval and introduces tough new restrictions in the export of Russian energy. In recent time there has been a lot of controversy on the subject of whether there was reasonable and advantageous for Russia of actions of the Russian hackers against the United States during elections in the past. The vote in the Senate proved that the consequences for the Russian side were quite negative,” – said in the article.

Previously loyal to the Republican party, the Wall Street Journal wrote that Congress to sanction against Russia give Trump a chance. Because the American President can support them and reduce the tension that arose because of his suspicious loyalty to Moscow.

We will remind that on Wednesday, June 14, the U.S. Senate voted in favor of strengthening sanctions against Russia. It is reported that American companies and individuals will be prohibited from transactions with Russian banks about providing funding for more than 14 days.