Fast food protect against serious diseases: scientists have conducted experiments

It is believed that fast food is harmful to consume. Large amounts of fat and sugar in products to fast food can lead to the development of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. People who often eat chips or other fried foods often have a high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels, according

From fast food is still there and the “bright side”. It turns out that it can prevent the development of melanoma, one of the most common types of cancer.

In the fries, burgers and cookies contains palmitic acid belonging to fatty acids. Researchers from Boston University in Massachusetts found that this acid is vital to control the activity of the gene MC1R, which is also called “ginger gene”. He is responsible for red hair, fair skin, freckles and sensitivity of the skin to sunlight (this is why redheads are so easy to get sun burns). Depending on how it works MC1R in the skin in different ways formed by the pigment melanin, which protects the lower layer of the skin from UV rays by absorbing them.


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The researchers conducted experiments on mice and lab-grown human cells. In both cases, the stimulation of melanin production, has led to the fact that melanoma when exposed to ultraviolet light was developed less. Mice produce more melanin as they in the course of the experiment were fed palmitic acid in a dietary Supplement. Chemical compound activated MC1R gene, and it affects the production of melanin. Human cells were added, Lotus oil, which also contains palmitate, and melanin in the cells also increased.