The most common myths about harmful and useful food

If you are afraid of fat, don’t eat fruit because they are sweet, and I think that a lot of protein do not exist, then the following information is for you, writes

So, nutritionists have found out what are the myths about food:

Myth 1. If you ate junk food, it can burn in the gym

“Chemical” food is destructive to the body. The damage you can’t just burn through training. In the 2015 study of Israeli and German scientists have established that regular consumption of fast food and other processed foods increases the risk of developing autoimmune diseases. Physical exercises cause stress in the body and improper diet exercise will do more harm than good in the body will not have the resources to recover after a workout. If you are active in sports, it is particularly important to exclude junk food from the diet.

In the harmful food contains a lot of extraneous, inedible substances: carcinogens, sweeteners and dyes. Burn is impossible. But the calorie content of junk food, like any other, can be burned in training.

Myth 2. The protein is useful in any amount

Protein maintains and restores the body. However, an excess of protein – especially animal products – leads to intoxication and can cause obesity, cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis. New research shows for the healthy functioning of the body need about half gram of protein per kilogram of body weight.

If the person eats more than 100 grams of protein per meal, the body will not be able to learn, this is simply not enough enzymes. The average rate of protein per serving – 40-60 grams. Excess protein rots in the body. The rotting protein secretes ammonia products – one of the most toxic in the body. An excess of any product, especially products of protein putrefaction pollutes our body and affects health.

Myth 3. Food after workout from turning into fat

No, calories eaten not convertible immediately into the body fat. They go to refuel after a training stress. But this applies only to clean, rich in nutrients food. Therefore, the quality of the food after a workout plays a big role – depends on the maintenance of muscle mass and progress in future workouts.


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The conversion of food into fat immediately after a workout is one of the most common myths. After exercise is increased protein synthesis, the body well absorbs food and sends it to recover. Immediately after strength training is usually required protein and then everything else. After cyclic loading the body, on the contrary, we need carbohydrates.

Myth 4. Fruit as bad as candy

The basis of this error is the presence in fruits of sugar; some people equate it to sugar in sweets. It’s not that sugar in fruit is natural, unrefined, and fruits are rich in minerals and fiber necessary for human health. Fruit sugars have a low concentration due to the organic moisture in the fruit. This sugar is unlikely to lead to weight gain or other problems, unlike artificial sweeteners and store-bought candy.

Candy contains white sugar, but fruit is natural fructose. Fructose is almost not functioning of the digestive system, is directly credited into glucose in the blood and thereby facilitates the work of the body. In addition, the fruit contains huge amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber – all this, of course, is much more useful candies, often completely chemical.

Myth 5. Fat from food is converted into body fat

Good fats – high-quality vegetable oil, nuts, seeds and avocados – reduces the feeling of hunger, a long saturate and improve the condition of skin, nails and hair. Vegetable fats are rich in antioxidants and speed up metabolism. Add half an avocado to a smoothie or a spoonful of nut butter in your morning porridge and you will immediately feel the effect.

That fat from food are turned into fat on your body, you need a surplus of calories. Normal amount of fat comes to the needs of the body – cell membranes and many hormones are composed of fat. That the body is not spent on private construction, he would postpone as fat. Excess fat is about two grams per kilogram of body weight.

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