News Belarusian (Belarus): Russia’s Ambassador denied the statements of the Belarusian secret services

Russia’s Ambassador in Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev has made several harsh statements about the detention in the sanatorium “Belorusochka” of a group of Russian citizens. The interpretation of the fact of detention of the Russians as “attempts to interfere in the internal Affairs of the Republic — has under itself no bases”.

The diplomat said that arrived in the sanatorium “Belorusochka” of Minsk, the Russians were forced to do it due to the fact that “missed the flight from the National airport”.

“They had intended to fly from Minsk to Istanbul on 25 July and is not believed to be in the Republic how whatever for a long time, and much later planned to return to the Russian capital from another state by plane, bypassing the territory of Belarus,” — said Mezentsev.

He stressed that their visit to Belarus is associated with the signed contract with one of commercial companies registered in Belarus (each of the guests Russians had with this company working agreement).

The Ambassador did not rule out that the detainees “can be employees of a private security company, which — in the framework of performance of obligations under the commercial contract is meant to ensure the security of energy infrastructure and resources abroad, not in Belarus.”

Mezentsev also said that today met with Minister of foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei and stressed that the Embassy of the Russian Federation “shall and will protect the rights of Russian citizens.”

“Access of consular officials to our citizens should be promptly provided. We have already directed the corresponding note to the foreign Ministry of the Republic”, — said the Ambassador.

He also said that the Russian side expects from the intelligence agencies of Belarus “evidence confirming the validity of the carried out arrests of Russian citizens and of the charges against them”.

The Russian Ambassador expressed hope that the journalists “will not allow further accusatory tone in the coverage of the situation”.

He also ironically noted that “the wearing of a camouflage as well as the reluctance to maintain a hospitable Slavic tradition, the unwillingness to raise a glass good friends during the stay in any sanatorium Belarus — don’t see the reason for such intense media attention as the basis for law enforcement actions without a compelling and valid reason”.