From Lvov became the conductor of the second largest Opera in the world

Ukrainians continue to conquer the world. On the day the 39-year-old native of Lviv region Oksana Lyniv became chief conductor of the Opera and the Philharmonic orchestra of Graz. In musical circles of this city Opera is the second in status after the Vienna. As it was our compatriot and why she doesn’t like to listen to music in my spare time — found “Today”.

THE ONLY WOMAN. We found Oksana Lyniv in Germany, where she was supposed to fly to Ukraine — 11 February, it will be conducted in Lviv. “To participate in the competition for the conductor invited me himself the Opera house, it was about six months ago. The candidates were many, but those that were interested in theater — six, I was among them. Of the women was the one” — Oksana told us Lyniv.

She is from the Lviv region. The last several years working abroad: once in 2004 she was a finalist in the International conductor’s competition named after Gustav Mahler in Germany, she became interested in European impresario; she works as a guest conductor in various theatres of Europe, and by the end of 2015, she was recognized as the best conductor of the Bavarian state Opera.

The competition consisted of three stages. “It’s conducting Opera performances, but no rehearsals, then a three-hour conversation with representatives of the Council of the orchestra, and theatre management. Was then selected three finalists,” says Oksana. The contest took about six months. “In August I was invited, and in early February was the decision,” said the conductor. To the question about what impressed the jury and spectators, Oksana said: “One of the most difficult was the first round — and for the conductor and for the ensemble. You come from the airport, change into concert dress coat and going to conduct. In this case you’re not familiar with either the orchestra or with a choir. The next day the leading Newspapers wrote: their applause the audience gave to understand who she chose. Then I conducted “La Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi, but with a modern twist. After the musicians of the orchestra told me that they have the impression that I work with them all my life. When he learned about the win and told my parents, dad said it was the best gift for his birthday.”

NOT A MUSIC LOVER. “I grew up in a family of musicians; school music was of course the highest rating. But as for the entertainment, I rarely listen to that. To some extent there is a glut of music at work, so sometimes need silence but when there is a nostalgia for Ukraine, you can listen to Taras Chubay,” says Lunev. And he added that he wants in addition to working to find time for friends: “for several years my dream is to go in winter in the Carpathian mountains, but until the completed calendar is not published”.

The average salary of a conductor 4-5 thousand UAH

Oksana Lyniv is not the only conductor who works abroad. Its the same age from Kiev, Kirill karabits, also known among his colleagues around the world.
According to open sources, after graduating from music school and Conservatoire in the capital, karabits began training in Vienna. Then collaborated with the Budapest festival orchestra and the Philharmonic orchestra of radio France. Last year, karabits became the musical Director and chief conductor of the German national theater and Staatskapelle in Weimar. In an interview with karabits said that in his work wants to focus on the Ukrainian theme.
As told to us in conducting circles of Ukraine, the salary of the conductors in our country could reach a maximum of 15 thousand UAH. The average salary conductors called about 4-5 thousand UAH. Abroad — in times above.