Ukraine has its own drug against the coronavirus: what the test showed

Patients who took drugs said that they feel better, say the coordinators of the study

Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturer presented the first results of the study of Ukrainian medications to relieve symptoms when infected by coronavirus infection. Are drugs “Quentin” and “Corvitin” on the basis of quercetin (a phenolic compounds of plants, see, for example, buckwheat). These drugs want to include in the treatment Protocol Covid-19. After the drugs the patients feel better, said at a press conference the coordinators of the study.

“These drugs are not specific and not action antiviral agents”, – said Olga Golubovska, infectious disease and one of the coordinators of the study.

According to Golubovsky, the drug affects the “main link mechanism of development of pathological changes.” The drug is used only in combination therapy, and not as a standalone medicine. The study medication for the treatment of symptoms of coronavirus infection began on may 14. A clinical trial conducted in three health facilities. The preparations were investigated in 200 patients.

“We saw that side effects from drugs was not in the group. The drug is safe. Patients subjectively felt better and it was impossible to make a conclusion about improving their health. What were the objective indicators that are not directly related to the research and clinical base directly? This results of laboratory tests. One such indicator, as presence of ferritin, the results showed that the content of this protein decreases. This allows to conclude that the drug will inhibit the development of cytokine storm (a fatal immune system response – approx. ed.). And this is a direct anti-inflammatory effect of quercetin”, – said the preliminary results of a study Igor Zupanets, the study coordinator and head of the Department of clinical pharmacology and clinical pharmacy, National pharmaceutical University.

This drug has no international protocols and was not used as a means lekarstvennoe, admits Igor Zupanets, Department head, clinical pharmacology and clinical pharmacy of the National pharmaceutical University. However, in Ukraine it is registered as a drug and it is prescribed for patients with cardiac diseases.

“I want to say that in Ukraine “Quentin” and “Corvitin” registered as medicines. Abroad, it is mainly a dietary Supplement or a special food product. What distinguishes a drug from Bud? Drug may be registered, was when all the studies have to be standardized production technology, produced, and recorded medicines can only if they are produced by a Benign manufacturing practices, in contrast to dietary supplements. Is not legally regulated in those studies, of which I have spoken, so the level of evidence of dietary supplements is very different,” talks about drugs Igor Zupanets.

“Quentin” and “Corvitin” produces in Ukraine “borshchahivskiy chemical-farmatsevticheskii plant”.

The General Director of the Directorate of the Ministry of health harmonicity Alexander Komarica said: “the Ministry of health is interested to see the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry is not standing by and conducted trials of drugs for the treatment of coronavirus disease.”