What if the zombies come?

28 Feb educational organisation ABF Stockholm launches the next stage of the educational programme on how to survive the offensive of the zombie Apocalypse. Most likely, few of the officials of the security sector, gathered at the national now conference “People and defence” in Selene passed this training.

But sorry, debate in the field of defence would not prevent the intervention of a solid group of zombies.

Am I serious?


The present system crash

Training ABF Stockholm is based on the book by Herman Geyer (Herman Geijers) “zombie Survival: your guide to the Apocalypse” (published by Apart 2014) and conducted periodically for several years now. In 2015, Herman Geyer was invited to the “Swedish radio”, and despite the playful theme, the conversation had serious implications.

Because really, how Sweden will cope with a zombie Apocalypse, that is a real collapse of the entire system, if the basic social tools, such as Internet, electricity, payments system, the supply of food goes down?

The answer is — it depends on how we get ready for this, and therefore fictitious scenarios “what to do during a zombie attack” may well help. Fortress companies during the crisis is based on that as it should be of interest to all people, the first line of defense depends on the personal judgment of each. I will provide themselves with water? If I have a flashlight and batteries? I can cook, keep warm, listen to the news on the radio?

And how are things with necessary social services, health, police, life support?

Scheduling total defense

In the summer the Ministry of defence and the Swedish Department of civil defense and emergency situations handed over to the government together prepared a thesis with a cheerful name “Sweden receives calls”.

Conceived, that in a few years Sweden will create a real system of total defence in which both civil and military defence will remain functional even if the worst happens.

Wonderful that this work is underway, but there are other problems that should be discussed at the conference in Selene.

First, neither in civil nor in the military sphere there are sufficient funds. If it is decided to achieve all the goals already set, increasing the protection will cause very serious economic weight of the country compared to today. But if in the process you will want to do more, which is very likely, then the money will need more.

War and peace merge

Second, we need to strengthen the motivation of citizens or “will to protect” as it is called by the military. Re-introduced conscription in limited amounts is an important step, but it is the civil side of the issue demands that all residents had the opportunity to learn and understand how to deal with crises small. No less necessary knowledge and ability to critically evaluate the systematic misinformation in the condition of information warfare on the Internet.

Thirdly, it requires the ability to understand when a crisis has already arrived. With modern methods of warfare the boundaries between war and peace, civilian and military, private and public partially erased. Military information operations, such as the Russian cyber attack on the election campaign of Hillary Clinton, happens all the time. Civil infrastructure, political parties and private enterprises under the gun. All the whole society should be able to defend themselves.

The Pentagon is hunting zombies

In fact, not only the ABF is concerned about the possible onset of a zombie Apocalypse. In 2014, the newspaper Foreign policy said that the main headquarters of defense the Pentagon was a planned military action in the event of a zombie attack.

In terms of April 30, 2011 under the code name “CONOP 8888” was discussed weaknesses, risks and threats to humanity in the event of an attack of the undead.

The advantage of this preparation is incredible in that it raises issues that otherwise may anybody and in a head would not come. And what we as self-evident accept its high-tech everyday life itself makes us very vulnerable.

It concerns society as a whole and each of us individually. So, what will you do if the zombies come?

Fortunately, according to the unconfirmed reports of zombie, like, vulnerable to cold, they freeze into ice. So the Swedish national security conference in Selene while threatens nothing.

But why risk it?