Features national “catching pokemon”, or How to organize the job in a taxi

The financial situation of many Ukrainians poor, and they are seeking ways to make extra money. Who enables education and knowledge, giving private classes, someone takes care of it. And those who have a car, try to get bread the old-fashioned way — carting. Previously, it was called to graceway. And today “rook” may well legally join and become a Uber driver or a professional driver.

To find out how to become a “Barista” or “suffers” (as the call themselves taxi drivers themselves), how much can you earn and how profitable it is, we’ve tried this activity for yourself. As a transition from a journalist to a taxi driver, even with the driving experience, not so easy (many pitfalls) — we helped the driver with an annual experience Uber Mykola Kovalchuk and professional taxi driver, “suffering” for 15 years, Oleg Sergienko.


“The main thing — to understand with Uber and carefully watch the video tutorials several times,” — taught me Nicholas on the way to the center of drivers through partners. To become a driver Uber enough to have an insurance policy of civil liability (GO), the registration certificate and law. There are many partners, and they are happy to register the newcomers, because for every trip you get 10% of earnings of the driver. It would seem that you can do without a broker to save. But when you register the program, which can be downloaded for both Android and for IOS, you must specify the partner. Without a partner can only operate a licensed taxi driver. All in all, to work as a driver for Uber, get ready with each trip to pay 35% of earnings. My fears that I’m a girl and I can not take, Kohl replied that the company is still: the main thing — work and pay your %.

Check in was quick (15-20 minutes) and painless: photographed documents, filled out the required fields in the program and sent the video tutorials. Because basically the calculation of the passenger with the driver-cash, check needed Bank card credit money. All calculations (and cashless, and cash) are recorded by the program and the partner gets their money in any case: it removes non-cash payment percentage for cash. Earned on non-cash travel money is charged once a week, the day of calculation depends on the partner. In addition to the program, you need to set one of four navigators, which supports Uber. It will advise in the design, in my case helped nick. And with the rampant renaming of city streets to insure even worth the driver, well knowing the city. Uber only works in cities, a trip out of town — by agreement with the client. The driver must understand that to return he will have his own account: new passenger in Boyarka, for example, for Uber to take will not work — the program does not allow.

Profile. The name of the driver and make of car mandatory


The program provides several tariff zones. For example, in peak hours (9:00 to 11:00 and 17:00 to 21:00) the fare may be increased in 2-2,5 times, and in a residential area at night it will be 1:1. It’s best to “catch pokemon” as their occupation taxi drivers in the centre during rush hour. However, the likelihood of “burn” time and fuel in traffic jams is great.

Picking up a passenger, the driver does not know how far to go and how it will work. This so-called “blind” travel: it takes the customer at point A and, noting the program “start the ride” sees the point B. the Final cost appears after Uber will celebrate the arrival in point B and point on the screen of payment: cash, Bank transfer and how much should be paid by the client.
Each driver has its own profile with a personal photo, a stamp and a number of cars, as well as their rating, which depends on the number of received and missed calls and feedback from passengers. Customers can leave comments and compliments, which characterize the driver and increase the number of “stars”. The same opportunity is available and the driver. Formally, the rating does not affect anything. Practically, if it is very low, the passenger can cancel the trip. If the bounce will be much, Uber will block the profile.

Reviews. By default, all want to have good grades


“Clothes should be comfortable, and the car is clean, instructed me on the path of the taxi driver Nicholas. Better to start the morning with a fresh mind is easier to understand the software and understand the specifics. When you become a Pro — work, how convenient.”

In the first day I tucked a full tank (1200 UAH), zeroed the odometer and went to R-n Kiev Polytechnic University: the students — the people progressive, use Uber, and the fare was two times higher. Include the program and being online was the first call; if you do not have time to take a call in 10-15 seconds, it will take the other driver. The car, which is near the passenger selects the program, and it’s always roulette.

Since the received call before boarding starts and the game “catch pokemon”. Uber — economical drive for each, so the presence of a Manager, which indicate not only the street and number, but also the apartment or staircase, is not provided. The driver sees the street and number, and, if not perfectly versed in the city, to understand this a residential house or a cemetery next to it, is quite difficult. Especially for a beginner. “Don’t be afraid to call the customer”, — I remembered the words of the coach, frantically tossing between the two houses on Melnikov. Since signs with the signs for house numbers in Kiev provided not everywhere, search for “firstborn” it took me 10 minutes.

— Hello, Dmitry? (“Put the client specify his name and introduce yourself,” without the guidance of Nicholas I would have been hard.) You’re my first passenger as a driver for Uber”.

The Navigator paved route, but what I looked at the phone in my hand, my “firstborn” is alarming. So advice to all drivers: deciding to go into freelancing, get a separate gadget for Uber and a holder for it in the car. Dmitry turned out to be my colleague, and all the way we cheerfully chatted. In step B, the program pointed out, payment by Bank transfer, and made it 28 UAH. Later it turned out that Dmitry gave me the maximum score and the compliment “great conversationalist”. Nice.

With Hope, the next passenger with a long graft of hair was difficult. First, it was way, way too late, with the exact address where you wait not noted. Probably didn’t want to “Shine” because even pointed out the wrong house: “I’ll go out on the road.” — Hope there are three roads you which will? — For more, wait.” “Great” road for Hope was the only minor between the two major — Victory Avenue and borshchahivska, and here I feel like a real catcher “pokemon”. After hearing from Nadi review that she was not there told me to wait, I silently took her through the city traffic to point B, which was 5 blocks away from point A. For this journey Nadia paid in cash — 35 UAH. Counting change, I again remembered the words of Nikolai: “Have small money for change.” Review of Nadia in my profile: “I do Not know the city” — I am a driver with 15 years of experience on the streets of the capital, reacted calmly. Her long hair, she can.

Sociable Angela herself took to the road, invitingly waving his hand: “You waited for me, so nice! Of course, I looked at your profile — the car who the driver is, and immediately recognized. What are you looking for me?”. At that moment I was willing Angela to kiss and ride for free. Angela is a confident and frequent user of Uber for about a year, and during that time she got her first female driver. She tries to use all the bonuses (the trip is free “discount coupons”, “bring a friend”, etc.). By the way, all the “gifts” that makes Uber passengers do not affect the earnings of the driver. Angelet, I earned 25 UAH, a rating of five stars and compliment “great conversationalist”.

Then I decided to stop and to keep “the debit with the credit”. Total: 1.5 hours to drive 30 km of road at the rate of 7.8 l/100 km and the earnings of 86 UAH, of which my 50. Minus gasoline (of 2.34 liters of 25 UAH = UAH 58,5). My net profit: minus 8.5 UAH. Of sad if you think about his nerves (sleeping on beginner) and depreciation. However, to give 35% was not so bad, “Uber” offers a variety of bonuses. For example, +20 UAH per trip or +800 UAH per week with 80 trips per week, etc. Although if my car was on gas I would have spent the same 30 km about 40 UAH.

Earnings. Net profit in fact not always a big


The simplest alternative Uber is still “Bias”. To become a driver, you must apply, pass an interview and inspection of the vehicle, to fill out a form and wait 40 minutes. The driver is assigned a call sign that is used when calling. Also requires a special program on your phone or tablet. Of the benefits — 10% Commission, unlike berovski 35%, and the ability to choose the ordering with known cost of the routes. Of the shortcomings — fewer users, where the company employs more pros who know the city well and a good intercept orders. In addition, there is a chance of running into unscrupulous passengers — there are more cash payments.

Increase the chances to earn from a licensed taxi driver. To become, you must register the FOP and obtain a license from the Ministry of transport “transportation of passengers”. It will take a few weeks to 300-500 UAH, depending on the speed of clearance. Having a license is a prerequisite for this “terpily” (as a reference FOP need to carry a lot), — you can become a partner of Uber, i.e. to register the new drivers and get 10% off every trip. A licensed taxi driver pays only 25% Uber and can run on any local taxi service. Enough in them to register to receive the call, and to pay a percentage of travel: for each service it is a from 5 to 25%. “Banks” (dispatch software for taxi services) are now installing even Housewives. Only honest work units, — says Oleg. — I in less than 10 UAH/km “endure” will not. It makes no sense, the car on gasoline. So I like the center: the rate is high, a minimum of 35 UAH for the land, and the distances are small”.

Pro license earn an average of 700-900 UAH per day “dirty”. Uber drivers, after all deductions, receive 300-500 UAH. But the cars need to cater for attenuation, wash. And fuel is cheaper. So many taxi drivers translate the car to gas.

Officially. The license must be a cabbie-Profi