Xinhua (China): construction began on the southern section of the Russian-Chinese gas pipeline “the Eastern route”

Yesterday, construction began on the southern section of the pipeline from Russia to China by the “Eastern route” (section Yongqing to Shanghai). Work began with the creation of the shield-driving through the Yangtze river, reported Xinhua.

The pipeline passes through the territory of nine administrative units of the PRC. It will be built in stages in accordance with the Northern, middle and southern parts. Among them, the Northern section was put into operation last year, and the construction of the middle section will be completed by the end of this year.

The project is scheduled to be completed by June 2025, and its implementation will help to deliver annually to the area of the Yangtze river Delta 18.9 billion cubic meters of Russian gas will not only improve the ability of gas, but also satisfy the need for the development of the gas industry in the region and increase the use of gas by its residents.