How to stay productive during the second half of the day: TOP 6 simple tips

Lack of sleep, strong load at work and a very rich lunch can kill the hunt to return to work responsibilities after the lunch break anyone.

How to activate yourself and stay productive in the second half of the day, you know Mscam.

1. Allow the screensaver to work

Sometimes there is a desire to overcome themselves, to force to work on. Do not give in to this temptation and the guilt it imposes. When people are constantly working, it only reduces performance.

According to neuroscientists, our work habits – is often only the remnants of the industrial age that does not correspond to the real functioning of the brain. So for a while take a break from the computer.

As the results of a recent study, if you take a break, but during it, for example, watch a video with dogs, it may reduce stress, but it certainly will not improve performance.

Need a real break, which will help to regain strength and feel better. This is a much more efficient use of your afternoon time. Take a walk, even around the office. The mood will improve, and you get on further tasks.

2. Let the tiredness works for you

Afternoon fatigue can be used for brainstorming. That’s right: we are the most creative when tired. A large number of studies have confirmed that creative tasks to perform better in the least productive time of the day.

When we focus on mind logical solution to the problem. Usually that’s what it takes, but sometimes you have atypical, unusual solution. When you’re tired, chances are your thinking will be non-standard, much higher.

As noted by the psychologist from Charleston College, Cindy Mae in the journal Scientific American, “that opens access to a large number of alternatives and interpretations and encourages innovation and original fiction”.

3. Talk to your colleagues

Meetings that occur at three in the afternoon on Tuesdays, usually visited by a large number of people. Why? Because it’s not the most active part of the day, and the week has just begun, and so to the Friday deadline is still far away. Your colleagues may also feel afternoon fatigue and look for a way to escape. This is the perfect time for collaboration and creative problem solving.

Try to book a meeting room away from your offices. Even a few minutes to reach, will help to recharge.

4. Check and send emails when the probability that they will read the highest

One of the managers of Google in the letter to colleagues was advised to divide the day into 30-minute intervals to find time for conscious work. He also advised to leave the afternoon for most mechanical tasks.

What? For example, for emails. Checking email in the morning can cause great harm performance. Tom Ferris, an actor of the book “How to work at 4:00 a week”, recommends checking email only twice a day: at 12:00 and 16:00.

This is good advice because you send letters around the same time when they read. You are the only person who after dinner looking for opportunities to get distracted and not do real work.

Therefore, studies show, currently open emails more often. However, a lot of people read them every morning on the way to the office. It is also not a problem: an important letter you can write in the afternoon and morning.

5. Wise use of social networks

On average, office workers are often distracted by the social network just after lunch. And if we went on Facebook after three, why not make something useful? Company data CoSchedule show that the best times to post in social networks in the afternoon. On Facebook from one hour to four days in Twitter – from twelve to three, LinkedIn is from five to six in the evening, Instagram is about 17:00.

6. Start planning tomorrow

The author of the book “The Disciplined Leader” John manning argues that if you allocate 10 minutes around 17:00, to plan further work, it will help to prioritize the next day, thereby to reduce the stress, allowing you to control your schedule and not be his slave.

This is a good way to finish the day, because the list of tasks for tomorrow will help to take up the case in the morning.