In the Parliament initiated the resignation Stepanova: I want to fire the head of the Ministry of health

The Minister remembered the story of the purchase of suits, and the situation with the drugs

Nearly one-third of deputies of the Parliament demanding the resignation of the Minister of health of Maxim Stepanov.

On the website of the Verkhovna Rada registered a relevant draft resolution.

The draft resolution on appeal of the Verkhovna Rada to the Cabinet of Ministers on dismissal of the Minister of health Stepanov Maxim Vladimirovich was supported by 96 deputies of fractions “the Voice”, “servant of the people”, “European solidarity” and also Deputy groups “For the future” and “Trust”.

Note that among the initiators of the draft resolution there is even a former MP from the “Voices” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, who laid down their parliamentary powers.

Initiated the resignation of the head of the Ministry faction “the Voice.” In this political force I think that as a Minister Maxim Stepanov has demonstrated unfitness for the performance of duties, incompetence and professional negligence. Under his leadership, the Ministry of health is unable to effectively counter the spread of the coronavirus diseases: even costumes for physicians were purchased at inflated prices by half, and they received them with a delay of several months. In addition, because of the inaction Stepanova was disrupted the process of procurement of essential medicines for all critically ill Ukrainians. SOE “Mazacote of Ukraine” for three months waiting for the decree of the Ministry of health that would allow them to begin the announcement of procurement of drugs and metaverb.

“In less than four months as the Minister of health Stepanov did a lot. So, what we need as quickly as possible to save both doctors and patients from its “achievements”. Still not entered large-scale testing of coronavirus, and the number of cases has already exceeded a thousand people a day. Vital purchases for hospitals continue to do the volunteers, while the Ministry of health has purchased costumes at a price almost twice the market. Stepanov has blocked procurement of drugs, the lack of which Ukrainian patients will begin testing this fall, and some of them will be without meds until the spring and summer of next year. Such ill-conceived and frankly irresponsible of the Minister’s actions threaten all hospitals of Ukraine. Indeed, the lack of effective leadership in such an important body as the national health service is blocking the daily and uninterrupted process of transferring funds to the hospitals, which today provides NCSU. As a consequence, physicians will be left without salaries, and patients without medical assistance. Urge the government to stop playing with health and lives of Ukrainian citizens. It is your responsibility,” – said the MP from the “Voices” Olga Stefanyshyna.

As reported “Today” in early June, Parliament has tried to dismiss interior Minister Arsen Avakov, deputies even have collected a certain number of signatures, but the resignation never came. Instead Avakov made in Parliament with the report.