How easy it is to control the feeling of satiety: the scientists said

The person feels full for longer if she thinks she ate a lot. This is shown by a new study conducted at the University of Sheffield Hallam, reports

In this experiment, was attended by 26 people. Two different morning the participants were eating the same omelette of three eggs. However, the volunteers thought that in the first omelet had two eggs, and the second four.

The researchers found the participants were hungrier two hours later, eat lunch, much more pasta and consumed during the day significantly more calories when it was believed she had eaten the omelet with less eggs. The results did not depend on the level of ghrelin (the hormone associated with appetite) in the blood of volunteers.


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Earlier the staff of the Rockefeller University found in the brain, two populations of cells that regulate appetite. The cells are arranged in doralina the-seam of the brain. According to scientists, these cells could be potential target for drug therapy to suppress irrepressible appetite.