More than 90% of young people would leave Lithuania if I could work in the West with a degree

More than 90% of young people aged 15-19 years would leave Lithuania if I could work in the West, in the specialty, these are the findings of a study conducted by Centre for the study of human development.

This conclusion at the meeting of the commissions on migration and prevention of dependencies was presented by the President of the aforementioned centre Gintaras, Homentauskas who told him about the investigation of the emotional state of Lithuania. He noted that respondents were asked the following question: “If I could leave and get a job with a degree, emigrated to a developed Western country (Europe or USA)”.

“In Lithuania, the following picture: more than 50% responded that such conditions would have definitely left. It seems it’s not so bad, only Lithuania, but if you look at the age groups, this is the smell of demographic disaster. Currently, more than 90% of young people (15-19 years — approx. ed.) say: “I emigrate”. When we perform a “qualitative” survey, it appears that “life in Lithuania is not on the level,” “this village”, “here goes nothing” and “nothing will never happen”, “how do people live who do not know.” So “go somewhere” and “something to create”. In other words, we see a clear phenomenon, much of the blame for which has to take and I personally, and see you, that “not sold”, did not convince the youth that Lithuania is a normal, civilized, good edge with great opportunities,” said Homentauskas.

According to him, in 2008, the situation was better, the desire to travel, to see something new want 70% of youth the same age, but after 8 years there was 20% more. “Leave those who are emotionally dissatisfied with Lithuania, can not adapt, feel unwanted. The solution is to maintain the attractiveness of the country. Do not return left (this is how to get your wife back, gone to the other: it is possible that there is a possibility, but should she have lived differently, in a different place will be different to me) — the efforts should be focused on the demonstration of capabilities,” he said.

According to Homentauskas, that emigrated and youth, shows that emigration is not associated only with money. “They didn’t even try to work, most salaries were not received”, — he said. Therefore, according to Homentauskas it would be appropriate to say that our biggest problem — the lack of happiness, life satisfaction, sense that we need and belong to the country, not money.

According to the reporter, Lithuania leads in the number of suicide, negativity, bad mood, emigration, heart disease. “We often heaved all the responsibility on bad genes, that is the consequences of the Soviet occupation, the fact that the consequences of the war, saying that it made people hostile and caused great harm, but others (Estonians, Latvians, poles) has experienced the same thing, and the situation they have now is different,” said the source, saying that should look for the causes in society.