A record since the cold war, the number of Democrats believe that Russia is the “greatest threat” to US

39% of Democrats call Russia a country that is the greatest danger to the U.S., as evidenced by the results of new sociological research. This is the highest percentage in almost three decades.

In comparison with 2013, when asked this question the last time, a lot more people in both parties said that Russia is the greatest danger to the United States. But think so the Democrats are almost two times more than Republicans (39 vs 21%).

The Pew research center conducted its survey among new 1 501 adult Respondent in the period from 5 to 11 April, that is, prior to the growth of tension in relations with North Korea, before its failed rocket launch and to visit Vice-President Mike Pence to South Korea.

In answering this question, a total of 31% of Americans named Russia as the country posing the greatest danger to the United States, and 22% pointed to North Korea. This is the highest figure since 1990.

Few people consider this category were China (13%), Iran (9%), Syria (6%) and Iraq (5%).

A new study once again showed some concern in the U.S. is Russia, especially among Democrats. To a large extent this is due to reports of interference by the Russian state in the us elections of 2016. During the January survey found that Democrats more often than Republicans blame Russia in hacker attacks against the headquarters of Hillary Clinton and the National Committee of the Democratic party. The study authors also calculated that Russia is considered an enemy of the 38% of Democrats, and only 20% of Republicans.

The results of the survey show that Russia is the biggest national threat in the eyes of Democrats and independent leaning to them. So say 39% of respondents. 21% said North Korea, and 13% pointed to China.

Opinion among Republicans and their sympathizers were divided to a greater extent. 27% said that the main danger for the United States is North Korea. 21% named Russia, and 18% of Iran.

Such inter-party differences in the estimates of Russia as the “greatest threat” are the largest among all the countries since 1990, when Pew first asked this question.

In addition, for the first time, a much larger number of Democrats than Republicans, called only one country as the greatest threat to the United States. Before it was the opposite as one country as the greatest threat to the United States called a lot more Republicans than Democrats.

The percentage of Americans calling Russia the biggest threat to the United States, over the past three decades very seriously changed. In March 1990, said 32% of respondents, and two years later, this figure had fallen to 13%.

Until this year, the proportion of those who called Russia the greatest threat was quite low, except for the conflict between Russia and Georgia in summer 2008. Throughout this time, there were no serious inter-party differences in the rating of Russia as the most serious threat to America — until today.

Rob Suls works in the research center Pew, where specializiruetsya on American politics.