The rate of bitcoin has fallen after a sharp rise

The course of bitcoin, which in the first days of 2017 exceeded the psychologically important mark of $ 1,000 for the first time in four years, collapsed on Thursday, the biggest drop in two years, according to MarketWatch.

According to CoinDesk, on Thursday evening the exchange rate of bitcoin stood at 988,64 dollar , which is 12.5% below the level of the environment. During the session, the depreciation of the cryptocurrency reached 21%.

Last year the cryptocurrency has increased in price more than twice, and the sum of all bitcoins in circulation in the world reached a record $ 14 billion.

Experts attribute the growth of bitcoin in 2016 with the increase of geopolitical risks since the last time the cryptocurrency acts as a protective asset. The demand for bitcoin rises amid fears of accelerating growth rates in the United States and trade wars States with China.

Bitcoin, created in 2008 by a programmer or group of programmers, known under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto, is one of the most popular alternatives to traditional currencies. It is a software code that is not regulated by any country or banking Supervisory authority in the world. Has a single emission center.

The issue of bitcoins is limited algorithmically: theoretically, every owner of a powerful computer can “mine” bitcoins by using computers, however there is a limit to the total amount of money in circulation.