Obozrevatel (Ukraine): the exposure of the main children’s film of the USSR “guest from the future”

So, friends — today is an interesting post from the creators to the readers of the rubric “film”, but it will be somewhat unusual as it will not touch the story, but rather how it had to look actually, and also the aura that was created around him, the fans of the USSR and the “scoop”.

We are talking of course about the tape series called “guest from the future” — which for some reason has become almost an anthem for all fans of the USSR at the age of 40+. If you go to YouTube and read comments under any of the series or even a clip of the film, then read about the next — “Oh, and well in the USSR! In the morning got up, grandma pies fed, mom to school was taken, there’s free sausages fed in the evening to ski and ride “In a fairy tale” I looked. But now what? Feed baby, put a wife, rent to pay, mortgages extinguish, before the authorities stoop. Give me back my Union!” such a capricious and infantile tone shines out of almost all of the reviews, writes a popular Belarusian blogger Maxim Mirovich in Facebook.

Of course, all this is easily explained. Fans of the “scoop” of this age found the USSR just in childhood, it happened in the eighties — in which middle and shot the film specified that in conditions of deficiency of fantasy and all the normal movie is not about war and not about summer camp was something new and fresh. Later childhood experiences superimposed on failures in adult life (all the fans the “scoop” — very often losers) and there was a sort of desire to return to the past via the future — “Oh, if the damned Democrats destroyed the country, now would be Alice in flyers fly and crocodiles mielophone listened!”.

Interestingly — the story Bulycheva, which was filmed, in fact, was a different story, and the author himself belonged to the scoop more than cool — but all in good time. So in today’s post — exposure and analysis of the main children’s film fans the scoop. Shovels the future of small budget.

I’ll start with the fact that Director Paul Arsenov, who made this tape, they are really cheated of its young audience — nothing like Kir Bulychev wrote, and due to the small budget and are generally very careless approach, “future”, which got the nick — turned to the poor and shovels. In fact, from the original books by the author (part of future) filmmakers left only the external scenery, the shell and Institute time (base layout with tile Soviet tile), KOSMOZOO — ordinary Park with shovels in front of a camera suspended on the line figure of a dinosaur, the Spaceport (more like a provincial bus station) and “flyers” — painted with airbrush the foam layouts with traces of nailed wooden frame. Sorry, but this level of DIY circle “young technician”, not a popular TV movie.

Further more. Think the kids would like to see in the future — and that shows us the Director? And it shows us only the machines results free the world’s best ice cream, built from plywood and painted the Soviet hammers finishing brush buses-“teleport”, and some cats playing on the lawn badminton. There are still a talking goat (Hey) KOSMOZOO in the Park — the Park itself is way more reminiscent of the usual abandoned Soviet square with unkempt trees and grass on the belt. How about a Rubik’s cube in “the time machine”? This is no future, and the well known details Soviet present.

Sleaze and negligence shines from every detail “of the future” — the interiors of the Institute time more like a cheap Soviet Palace of pioneers of the early eighties, “flying” flyers in close-UPS is noticeable swing on the ropes, and in one of the scenes the “flight into the future” in the background we suddenly see some mouldering rustic huts and heavily trudging Soviet bus, LAZ. Except that the cry of the cocks is not enough:

And all this would be ridiculous, when would not be so sad — because these decorations are formed in children the wrong idea about the future, everything will be exactly the same as now, only a little better. In the future will be the same good friend of the Soviet Union, only with free ice cream — the main thing is to listen to that uncle from the TV and not to make any sudden movements.

What actually was the book

Now let’s see what actually was the book by Kir Bulychev, according to which Soviet filmmakers shot a poor film. Let’s start with the fact that there are no time machines in the basement of the rotten barracks in the book — set is worth in the neighbor’s apartment If which goes to the hospital with a heart attack. Colin, the neighbor — fellow of the Institute of time, the employees of which are engaged in the study and, most likely, the adjustment of the past — may be in order to wild “scoops” that kind has not destroyed itself and the planet at the same time.

Institute of time, which gets a nick is a huge white building with an unusual streamlined shape — later nick finds out exactly how such buildings are built. Moscow’s future — a very “green” city, with pleasant walking paths (some of them self-propelled), with many Bicycle, mono-wheel, all sorts of flying boards. This is a tolerant and welcoming city — in the streets of many guests from different parts of the Galaxy which will fly to Moscow for festivals, conferences and simply as tourists. Moscow is a whole network of futuristic transportation — in which the flyers only a small part of the network. The city introduced the new environmental technology — together with young workers and architects nick builds a house with futuristic powder of bacteria and solution.

Most importantly, Moscow 2082 year is part of the overall global world, where space is not an instrument of an arms race, and the way that globalization and mutual support. This world does not remain zeroed tyrants and usurpers — all who want power over other people who want to command and humiliate others in this world are renegades and bandits, pursued by the intergalactic police.

Such bandits and space pirates, and guard duty kryss and Joker Have — the story is told in detail about their biographies, about what Joker Have sold his own mother into slavery, they had planned an armed annexation of some planets and stuff like that. Such renegades who want to possess the latest weapons and become dictators in the end of the XXI century pursues the galaxy, because by the time the world finally realized the danger of such types.

All of this in the film. There is no futuristic city, no crowds of foreign tourists and students from different parts of the galaxy, there’s a futuristic building, no creation of the new food (which in the novel was engaged in a school club), and most importantly — no sense of the global future, where the main enemies of civilization are dictators and tyrants. From all this, the film remained only machines with free the world’s best ice cream and plywood buses.

Talking about the “scoop” himself Kir Bulychev

Interestingly, Cyrus Bulychev author of the novel “one Hundred years ahead”, which made the film “guest from the future”, was a real anti — Soviet- I think if fans of “the scoop” has learned that Kir Bulychev was talking about the Soviet Union and about their texts, then angrily left to watch this movie. The trouble is that they do not read anything that does not fit into their view of the world — and read you should.

First of all, you should read the memoirs of Kir Bulychev called “How to become a science fiction writer” — in it the writer talks about his life, about the years of work in Burma as a translator and correspondent — where he “knocked” colleagues”scoops”, as well as generally describes the ugly realities of the USSR and the obstacles that caused him the Soviet power in life and work. In these memoirs, Kir Bulychev also wrote about why he began to write fiction, and explicitly says that didn’t believe in any utopian communism, and that in the future no “scoop” is not:

“I gradually gained a reputation as a “good storyteller.” It was a tedious reputation, because in those years I could only be enacted in the “Children’s literature”, but if asked to insert in the plan book, adult fiction, managing editor Maya Brusilovsky sadly sighed: “Igor, get in the queue for publication are dozens of decent science fiction, and all writing for adults. But in children’s fiction there’s a gap — only Krapivin Yes you. Write another book about Alice, and we next year will publish”. So I gave up because I preferred to publish an optimistic book for children, than not to publish. But one thing I was solid — and if you don’t believe me, flip through my books of the seventies and eighties: I did not believe in the triumph of communism and its benefits. I not only did not want to join the party, but my heroes are living in the future, this party didn’t know. I was not involved in campaigns, seminars and fighting, did not vote and did not cast out. But I was nowhere to expel”.

By the way, in his later books Kir Bulychev has openly struggled with the “scoop” — often returned to the era of 1930-40-ies and wrote about the repression, and in one of his later stories, he even ridiculed the story of the “the best in the world Soviet ice cream” — Alice specially flew with him in the past to bring a “Popsicle” stick one elderly lover of all things Soviet.

The future starts today. Instead of an epilogue

I read all the famous novels and the story of Cyrus Bulycheva, beginning with his first stories about Alice (series “the Girl from where nothing happened”) and of the novel “the Last war”, and ending the later stories and novels. To sum Kir Bulychev’s books to a common denominator, it will be just one word — responsibility. It is about the responsibility (to ourselves, to family, to the future) was written the novel “one Hundred years ahead”. In many ways, it was ahead of its time and place in which it was written — because it is more irresponsible country than the Soviet Union, one can imagine.

Maybe someday this story will take a new movie — about the responsibility and the struggle for the ideals of the perfect and honest future that could look one glazochkom. Well, fans of the USSR are only the groans in the style of “what the country is destroyed” and “give me back my Union with the world’s best ice cream”…