The PR victory of Vladimir Putin

In the meeting between Donald trump and Vladimir Putin, held on July 7 in Hamburg at the summit of “Big twenty”, nothing was normal. The time selected for this friendly conversation, brought Putin a PR victory that the Kremlin-controlled media gleefully published. The Russian dictator is not only not insulated and are not subjected to pressure over the invasion of Ukraine, for aiding and abetting genocide Bashar al-Assad in Syria and interference in the U.S. presidential election. Even the us President himself announced that the meeting with the Russian leader is an honor for him.

Putin is unlikely to need support and encouragement to carry out further hostile action. Today trump can be blamed for everything that is connected with Russia, however, all of these crimes were committed under President Obama. Putin nothing can hold back. But when in place of the red lines Obama came to the red carpet at the trump, the Russian threat to world order has intensified.

Now all the media are full of headlines about the obvious collusion between the team of trump and the Kremlin during the campaign of 2016. But what if trump still share information with Russia? We know that Putin is not an ally of the United States. But we don’t know whether or not he’s an ally of the President of the United States. To collude with the Russian intelligence as a candidate, and then to lie about it — maybe there’s nothing wrong. But if you do so and after taking the oath, the oath to protect, uphold and preserve the Constitution, is quite another matter.

A bad sign was that the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson was the only senior Americans present at the meeting, trump and Putin. He showed prudence and did not wear the order of Friendship, which in 2013 was presented to him by Putin himself; however, Tillerson cannot be considered an obstacle mysterious love trump for this Russian.

Tillerson’s six-month tenure was barely noticeable. He agreed with the cuts in the state Department and that an important diplomatic duties took on the trump in-law Jared Kushner. Because of their sycophancy and incompetence as Secretary of state was worse than Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

And who knows what meetings of this kind will say trump? In may he shared in the oval office secret information with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and seemed not to understand how dangerous it is to talk with the geopolitical opponents of the United States. On Twitter, trump can daily observe examples of complete negligence and the inability to control his emotions, and therefore, it is possible to expect exactly the same quality it can show and in private conversations with foreign leaders, trying to impress them.

That was discussing trump and Putin during the meeting, we were told only Tillerson and Lavrov, and they are equally hopeless. The Kremlin formulates answers thus to flatter Trump personally, and at the same time, coming out with ridiculous statements about the progress and cooperation. The trump is also an unreliable narrator, which is a combination of ignorance and mendacity. When you have to choose which side to believe in such circumstances, it is best to assume that you can’t trust neither one nor the other.

Trump is trying to lead the American government like a family business. His daughter Ivanka for a short time occupied the presidential chair at the meeting of the summit of “Big twenty”, and his son has a vast and poorly defined powers, with anyone not officially reporting. This situation is ideal for Putin, who prefers to deal with pliable and malleable people behind closed doors. There is no doubt that this is what he said to Trump, telling him that the great world should not worry about petty little people type of legislators, journalists and judges, and unimportant countries, such as Ukraine.

Nepotism at best ineffective and immoral. It is also a unique threat. When the situation gets out of control and, for example, the President’s son admits to collusion with a hostile foreign power during the election campaign, the President can sacrifice anything for the sake of protecting his family.

Garry Kasparov — Chairman of the Foundation for human rights. His latest book is “Deep thinking: where does the machine intelligence and human creativity begins” (Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Creativity Begins Human).