Signs of Soviet fascism

A few years ago I was explaining to my friend in Luhansk that our beloved neighbors of Russia, velikomuchenika on her forehead stood out all droplets of fascism. That is not to the full “Heil Hitler”, but it is not “Hitler kaput”.

Friend is blindly in love with a showcase of the Russian world, as Tatiana in Onegin, the symptoms of the brown plague could not see. It was about a de facto one-party system, the destruction of the opposition, about the transformation of all major media in the state. And then into a propaganda mouthpiece with a rigid censorship. It was about the deification of the leader “collector of land (p)Russian.” About the rabid anti-Western, anti-liberal rhetoric of the leader. On stormy and prolonged applause, standing and kneeling. It was about the national nostalgia for a strong hand. It was always piled high with flowers about the tombstone of Joseph Stalin, etc.

Friend did not hear me. Why not stop being my friend. Blindness is not a sin. And in this Thursday, April 20, exactly on the birthday of Adolf Hitler, in Russia there was another swim to the bottom of totalitarianism. The Supreme court, the Ministry of justice on falsified documents, banned the activities of the “Jehovah’s Witnesses” in Russia.


In recent history, only Hitler in the 1930s, and Stalin from the 1940s reached such heights of personal bottom.In Germany, Austria, Poland, almost on the territory of all former Nazi concentration camps a separate topic, stands displayed the struggle of the Nazis with the “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. Tens of thousands of Europeans who refused to salute Hitler and obey the orders of indoctrination of the Third Reich. On the striped uniforms the prisoners who were in the death camps because of their religious beliefs and for refusing to take up arms and fight for a thousand-year Reich, they embroidered a purple triangle. As a special sign for those who will not bow to the will of the Leader of the nation. All the property of the Jehovah’s witnesses, the Nazis confiscated, missionary activity was forbidden.

As in this case expressed by former Prime Minister, Viktor Chernomyrdin: “It never happened, here we go again”. Worldwide (except North Korea, Eritrea and in some of these democracies) “Jehovah’s Witnesses” on quite lawful bases will spend their Christian service, in which neither the individual is not affected, but gain thousands. The Supreme court, accused of extremism for the whole of the Christian, which is not what weapons, slingshots in hand does not take, put the Russian leadership in line with the most cannibalistic regimes of the twentieth century.

More than 170 thousand Russian civilians outlawed. But not outside, not outside companies. Does this mean that Russia has now become to 170 thousand more victims of repression? I hope not. Despite the fact that — Yes. Of course, to impose a ban on the activities of Christian “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, it failed to get rid of them. Neither the Nazi or Soviet regimes did not achieve its objectives. But disappeared in the blink of an eye.

History likes to smile. In such a case, the words of the Son of God, Jesus Christ: “be of good cheer. I have overcome the world”. (John 16:33). The first shoots of totalitarianism began to get into Russia for a long time. And at the end of 2009, beginning of 2010 in Russia, Jehovah’s witnesses, ran an information campaign, warning that the worst is yet to come. I was in Moscow in 2010 and brought out as a souvenir it is a color flyer.

History repeats itself. And again not only her first but also the final. How’s Pushkin: “And on the ruins of tyranny… the hundredth time you write someone’s name”.

PS 8 APR 1951 in Western Ukraine, Moldova and the Baltic States the men of the NKVD launched a campaign codenamed Operation North. It was directed against a group of believers, practising the Christian teaching of “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. From Western Ukraine in one night was moved thousands of families “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. Two hours to the training camp in a cattle wagon to Siberia for permanent exile. Property was removed in favor of the state. Or rather in favor of the party leadership and the leadership of the NKVD.