Country (Ukraine): did you know that Noah was a Ukrainian and gave rise to the Jews and the Greeks?

“On the territory of modern Ukraine happened to Noah’s flood, it is here found their salvation born of Noah, and revived life on earth,” writes in his new book, “Glorious ancestors of the Ukrainians,” Sergiy Piddubny (2019, 256 pages, 199 UAH).

“The second part of the name of the biblical Nimrod — rod — clearly indicates its ancient Ukrainian origins, and the first, was first “nip”, which is “Nimrod” — Dnieper rod”.

In the abstract they say: “You still think that Ukrainians invented by the Jews pray to the gods and saints?”

The researcher of ancient Ukrainian history and language Sergey Poddubny leads the argument that the opposite — gods and prophets of the Jews were the ancestors of the Ukrainians.

The same applies to the Greeks, who supposedly gave the world the myths, heroes and science. In fact, they to them are irrelevant. This is our Ukrainian history. This is our true glory and power!”.

“The book tells the story of a mighty people — a people-Creator, the people — the winner and the people-the sower with at least three thousand years of history”.