We do not trade with the occupiers, there is an exchange of goods – Nasalik

Ukraine does not trade with the occupied territories of Donbass, said the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik in live talk show “Right to rule” on the TV channel “1+1”, – the “Gordon”. “We do not sell, exchange goods,” he said.

Nasalik said that you can refuse, but then the country will lose 15 billion UAH of additional funds: “If a political decision is made at the state level say that block, and more is no exchange of goods, Ukraine has enough resources to fully quit without anthracite group MKT (mini-TES on the composite fuel. – Ed.). But we must immediately understand that this 15 billion of additional funds. For whose account the ball? This will fall on the economy and consumers,” said Nasalik.

Recall, controlled by the Ukrainian authorities of the territory of Donbass mines are only 35 out of 95 in the region as a whole. Moreover, on the territory controlled by fighters was all mine, mining anthracite coal. To provide a thermal power plant fuel in 2014-2015 Ukraine bought coal from abroad, from Australia, South Africa, Kazakhstan and Russia and the militants in the Donbas.

In August 2016 Nasaliki declared that Ukraine stopped the supply of coal from the occupied territories of Donbass, but in December, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion announced that Ukraine gets from there to 9 million tons of coal per year.