Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden): no, Sweden is not a moral superpower

I recently started working in the field of psychiatry. During the introductory course we are, 25 untrained nurses psychiatric units, dolls in the gym working out the techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Making indirect heart massage, with the strength to press on the chest with a frequency of two times per second — so 120 beats per minute, as in the waking rave. I’m usually not to lose the rhythm, see yourself Staying alive (“alive”) Bee Gees.

Because of the coronavirus CPR — two classic exhale the victim in the mouth on every thirteenth pressing us to work out not given. The instructor, however, is not upset: she said that Sweden is the last country in the world where the inhabitants are still taught this. And also give the absurd recommendation to find the pulse of an unconscious person, which is impossible in a stressful situation.

Because of the compression of the lungs still draw air, and to pause in this process, harmful. In hospitals, this task is performed by several people. If you are a Junior medical officer in the psychiatric Department or not, the medic, the rest of the world you would advise to be limited to chest compressions.

Upon hearing this, I started thinking about the Swedish mentality. Three or four generations ago, 90% of our population was engaged in agriculture. Sweden is not a nation of culture, we cultivated the land, not ideas. We are engineers and entrepreneurs, not intellectuals and scholars.

A favorite writer of our past head of government was Lackberg (Camilla Läckberg, a modern Swedish writer, mostly writes detective novels — approx. transl.). Current believes that Astrid Lindgren should get a Nobel prize. Bill gates loves faktualizm clan Rossingol (the Swedish doctor Hans Rosling — one of the founders of Doctors without borders in Sweden, approx. transl.), the positivist optimism without scientific basis, but makes the middle class feel better, experimenting with statistics and PowerPoint.

Many trust Sweden and think this country is a moral and humanitarian superpower, despite its small size. The only problem is that just as the philosophy of morality, a critical study of sources, theory, policy, or radical humanism, the Swedes do not do it. On the contrary.

After all, the Swede is already right. There is no sense especially to strain the head.

In the last decades the Council of Europe and the UN sharply criticized Sweden for what she so long kept under the arrest of suspects in crimes. Neighbouring Scandinavian countries have reformed the justice system 20 years ago, and since then they are no longer blamed for torture.

But Swedish politicians don’t believe that doing something wrong. As Sweden can someone torture? It’s Sweden! Europe and the rest of the world wrong. Do not care about their charges.

As regards police violence, Sweden is at the top of the world rankings. But of the 2 million cops in the last five years suspected of violating the rules, condemned only 13. If George Floyd was killed by the Swedish police, I doubt that they would be dismissed from service and condemned. When a great, democratic and enlightened Sweden had become worse than Tarnowskie USA?

The torture arrests, the brutality of the police and representatives of other law enforcement agencies clearly indicate a peasant mentality of our European periphery, which is characterized by stubbornness and intolerance in the absence of an intellectual approach, characteristic of southern Europe and the Middle East. In addition to the work of Carl Linnaeus, the most significant contribution of our country in the history of ideas lies in the fact that Queen Christina slew of Rene Descartes. By the way, this icon of feminism and even marked the beginning of the Swedish slave trade.

The Swedish mentality is not time in the development of the wealth of the country. We are farmers — both in bad and in good way. So if my colleagues on the district Vastmanland and began to blow air into the doll, lying on the floor of the gym, it is only because of the disaster with coronaviruses, not because the country wanted to revise the instructions for saving the life intended for non-professionals.

But the Swedish government dealt not only with torture: the world community has long criticized his murderous methods to the treatment of people suffering from some dependencies. Sweden happily continues destructive “war against drugs”, which, losing the war in Vietnam began, Richard Nixon, and completed by Barack Obama.

In 1988, the Parliament passed a law that criminalized individual use by the person of drugs — that is, all substances that can not be bought at Systembolaget (the Swedish alcohol monopoly — approx. transl.) or to the pharmacy with a prescription. Now forbidden not only to sell and to store such substances, but even to have traces of their use in the body. This law gave the police extraordinary powers to infringe the inviolability of the person of a citizen: on the slightest suspicion of anyone to strip to pee in front of a COP and feel the finger in the anus (if not a police baton, as has occurred recently).

For 1988 from diseases and overdoses died 175 Swedish drug addicts — nothing outstanding compared to other countries. But after 30 years of operation of the act, this figure rose to 959 deaths each year — five times.

Of all the European countries, only Estonia has more worrying mortality rates among people with addictions. According to the Department of public health, this tragic scandal in 2020, prompted the government to launch an investigation to deal with this catastrophic situation. But at the same time the Minister of social Affairs Hallengren Lena (Lena Hallengren) damn clearly gave to understand that in the course of the investigation, no one will be guided by scientifically sound recommendation to the Department of public health and examine the effects of the 1988 act. The theme of decriminalization should not rise, the Minister said. Screw science, if it asks the wrong questions.

Hallengren made clear that the investigators even should not dream that we will go the way of Norway or begin to follow the recommendations of the world health organization in regard to decriminalization. As the Swedish Minister, Hallengren is always right.

Her statement is a pure example of how politicians try to manipulate scientific research, caused a cry of despair from scientists. But why are they screaming? Swedish politicians don’t even know what science is. Critical analysis of sources? Hypothetical-deductive method? Statistical probability? Potential falsification? Many Swedish politicians have a PhD or about science education? If Åsa Romson (Åsa Romson) the last of these?

A couple of years ago, the Cambridge scientist J. levy (Jay Levy) issued in a reputable publishing house Routledge study entitled “the War against people who use drugs.” Levi has been highly critical of his work do have weaknesses. But still very interesting to see his attitude to the Swedish peasant mind. To how it takes no abnormalities, such as severely inhibits those involved in prostitution, gay men, travel enthusiasts and addicts. His tools: stigma, forced sterilization, isolation.

And how took this a slap in the face to the Swedish-esteem from Levi? Yes way, apart from a couple of mentions in one publication. What is it could be of interest to the Swedish authorities? They’re always right. And few of them would understand all these complicated words.

Many people suffering from social disorder, mental illness and addictions, too often turn out to be jammed to death between the giants of psychiatry, law enforcement and social services. They die too young and needlessly.

While society is losing more and more respect for the natural Sciences and Humanities, antisocial network denser be filled with various expletives, which is why we get stupid and become hysterical, especially in times of coronaries when it’s hard to control the panic. Nazi! Homosexual! Politically correct to the extreme! Jew! Racist! Feminist!

We live in modern Sweden, which is buried in a cell phone, dutifully goes to the abyss grinning populism, while her attention is focused on social networking on the screen, replacing life.

Some, however, prefer to take to the streets and become political activists. For example, resorting to the classical method, and attacking monuments. But why do they pounce on Zlatan and Linnaeus? The most suitable for this sculpture stands on the bridge of Skeppsbron close to the Royal Palace.

Gustav III. The king restricted the relative freedom established in the XVIII century after the death of the “king-hero” and a favorite of the Nazis, Charles XII, when Sweden became the first modern country that for decades effectively gave women the right to vote (Yes, eyes you do not change, Wikipedia even has about it a good article!)

This Royal Opera buff also marked the beginning of Swedish slave trade, in 1784 staging on the island of St. Bartholomew in the Caribbean sea, a kind of staging post for slave ships. About it it is told, for example, in the excellent novel “1794” Niklas natt-on-Dag (Niklas Natt och Dag). The capital of the island is called Gustavia. The heinous trade continued until 1847 — many years after it was banned in England. This point is foul-smelling sore on the body of our history.

But just as it is often done by those who have done something shameful, the Swedes chose to continue to give free rein to their deceit, and greed, but this would not be seen, at least not in the white house safe Scandinavia. Production shops H&M, where workers toil in appalling conditions, are in Southeast Asia. Most of the furniture IKEA created by the prisoners, securely hidden behind high walls. And what the Swede wants to see the children tear off the legs of the shells having a huge success in the international market grenade “Carl Gustav”?

In addition, king Gustav III founded the Swedish Academy — this is ridiculed by the international community, the organization, which is not associated with the saying “reason and taste”, more like a bunch of village wise men, who has earned international prestige, giving huge amounts of money to some they have chosen the writer.

So if you really want to fill up any monument, select a monument to Gustavus III.

Sweden is anti-humanistic and anti-intellectual country. Imagine that you can think intelligent, educated chauffeur-Iranian about the screaming in the back seat the Swedes?

The Swedes simply remain peasants, but now they have a lot of money earned in the slave trade, exported iron to Nazi Germany, the sales of deadly weapons, as well as cheap clothing produced by underpaid workers in appalling conditions.

Maybe this is not surprising, because the world is full of anti-humanist States. Just cringe that the Swedes beat their chests, boasting of his moral superiority.

After all, no morality in Sweden no. In our history, there is intellectual and ethical discussions, all of them in both good and bad came down to issues characteristic of peasant mentality — a stubborn attempt to give equality and justice, peppered with the disgust of everything unknown and unusual.

When my colleagues and struggling to pay my rent and at the same time learn to save lives in the sweat of massaging the Breasts of the dolls to the beat of Staying alive, we embody a Swedish paradox: the farmer who knows nothing but still thinks knows everything better than anyone.

And no matter useful artificial respiration or harmful.